Tweet, Tweet and Grow

The fastest growth ever seen in communications is the development of social media communications. The significance of Twitter seems to stand out. Let us see what it can do for your business and how you can use it.

If five years ago I had mentioned MySpace, facebook or YouTube I would have had queried looks from every reader of this article. Today, they are mainstream communication tools in the community. Communication is changing rapidly and as businesses, we need to run rapidly just to keep up.  

Over the last few months I have been fully aware that social media is a huge marketing opportunity and the way of the future, I needed to understand it and how to adapt it to business.  

One social media tool that fascinates me is Twitter. Can a 140 character tweet be used as a marketing tool for a business to grow sales? Twitter, and its equivalents have become major communications tools and therefore, there must be an prospect to develop the opportunities in your marketing portfolio, especially if you plan to grow your business by attracting younger generations. 

When you communicate on Twitter, you are said to tweet. A lot of the tweets are, in my opinion, a waste of time. People who put on Twitter that they have just arrived at the shops, caught a plane or feel tired. I do not have the inclination or the time to follow their tweets. Having said that, I do not feel any business should be ignoring Twitter, I believe they should be experimenting with it to see if it can be a marketing tool for them.  

Micro blogging opportunities 

The opportunities as I see them are:

Real-time updates
Micro blogs give you an opportunity to communicate real time events that can be for now and instant. For example – special offer today only, 20 per cent off furniture, X arrived today, buy today at 20 per cent off before we put them on the shelf tonight, X seen on TV last night. We only have five in stocks, come before we sell out. An instant, real time promotion can provide new windows of opportunities to grow sales.


Leaders to your webpage
Micro blogs can be used to drive traffic to your webpage. I use this in my business and I am finding that I am building a number of followers who are interested in up to date information. For example: just discovered great information on X. Will provide details on my webpage tomorrow and article on ‘X’ in ‘X’ magazine. Information and product available check on our webpage.

What are people saying about you?
You can also follow what consumers are saying about your business. Once you have received this information you can respond instantly.  

It is another tool, not a replacement
Micro blogging is another marketing tool. Advertising in magazines and newspapers still has a role, but is declining in popularity. We still need to use the traditional methods and at the same time learn how to use these new methods of communicating. 

Points to remember
There are some things that you need to keep in mind to pave your way to success with this social tool.
A large part of the population are already micro blogging, your business can leverage off this.
Micro blog your loyal customers and they will spread your message via their social media network sites.
Do not over invest. Micro blogging is just another tool, experiment with it, but do not over invest in it. 
Be focused. Use it for specific marketing campaigns and test the results.
Jump now. Do not leave it, test micro blogging now before your competitors get a marketing edge.

In the book ‘Socialnomics’ written by Erik Qualman, he has a great quote, ‘It is better to live a social media life making mistakes than living a social media life doing nothing’. In other words, jump in, make mistakes and see if it works for your business. 

There are coffee shops receiving orders for coffee from micro bloggers, there are ‘pop up’ food retailers advising consumers as they come into specific catchment area via micro blogs. As retailers, if we tweet there may be opportunities, we will not know until we start.

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