What Do Women Shoppers Expect From Online Retailers

Here a list of improvisations that could make a difference which will benefit not just women shoppers but also the online retailing industry.
Women Shopping Trends

Much has been said about how women have increased the revenue for online retailers and how they have become the prime drivers of the e-commerce industry.  In the past few years women have not only come out of their shells but overnight have become the hottest customers for the e-commerce industry to focus upon. However there are still lots of expectations to be met, women shoppers are not satisfied with mediocre service. They need a little extra to make an ordinary shopping experience into extraordinaire. Reaching out to women shoppers is no cake walk and the right spot needs to be triggered for them to splurge and come back over and over again. Have you ever heard a woman say “well the t-shirt or pair of heels did not say buy me”, the reason to such statements is that the e-commerce is still missing out on few factors that women often desire. Here a list of improvisations that could make a difference which will benefit not just women shoppers but also the online retailing industry.

Creating Celebrity Inspired Sets: 
Many women go for movies or watch an awards night and even flip through the latest Vogue magazine where they see clothes or accessories of your particular brand and go on the internet to find the very same outfit which is teamed with those very shoes and bags they saw. Websites can make a huge difference in sales as women love shopping in sets that they have created for photo-shoots and editorials. This change will be ideal for women shoppers as it is hassle-free and style savvy.

Finer Details: 
Usually online retailers are fixated at providing four to five sets of pictures but tend to leave out on the finer details in the content. Women are also narrative shoppers, as once the product is beautifully explained it attracts more buyers, especially in the case of women.

Come Back To The Same Cart: 
Women are not as free as they seem and always have many tasks to finish yet find time for online shopping. To make matters easy for them even when the take a pause from the shopping site is to keep the products in their shopping cart intact. Nothing puts off a shopper who takes a little break to follow up on her work and finds her shopping cart empty and has to go through picking out products all over again.

Thoughtful Relationship: 
It is important to make everyone welcomed and special, especially when they are avid shoppers. When a shopper usually comes to the website many e-tailing sites have a facility of saving important information that the business requires, however when important details can be saved women shoppers feel it would be ideal to have other details saved as well for example size, previously viewed products etc. And rather than sending in ten odd mails promoting the website, it will be perfect if every time when a shopper logs in they get a new offer or discount on their account. This initiative will save all those e-mail promotions and also give a reason for a shopper to log-in more often. 

Exclusive Gift Wrapping Options: 
Unlike men, women take pains to wrap a gift even when they know that it will ultimately be ripped off in pieces. There is a dire need for gift wrapping options and the extent to wrapping it, so not just simple sheets to choose from but also the ribbons, accessories and much more to create the ideal gift wrap. Women do not mind splurging on gift packaging as long as it puts a smile on their face.

Women shoppers are transforming the e-tailing market by changing their style of shopping so a few expectations that will eventually play a vital role for everyone will not be harmful. These little suggestions and additions to the e-commerce world will positively make a difference to the practice of shopping online not just for women but for men as well, after all it is all about making the entire shopping experience pleasurable.

Authored by: Ms. Richa Gupta, Founder, Zumbasa.com

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