What is in a name of a start-up? Salman Khan has the answer

When Salman Khan opened his own Khan Market, the 'Real' Khan Market was not amused.

What is in a name of a start-up? “Everything,” says Khan Market Association
When Salman Khan opened his own Khan Market, the ‘Real’ Khan Market was not amused. In fact, the traders association of Khan Market, a 65-year-old market that has over 100 shops and around 35 restaurants, was so put out by the news that it contemplated a legal action against Salman for alleged ‘trademark infringement’ by naming his own online shopping portal khanmarketonline.com.
Today, 15 days since the traders association sent out a letter to the actor and haven’t heard from him, they sent out a legal notice to the actor asking him to withdraw the name ‘Khan Market’ from his shopping portal web portal and stop its “unauthorised use of name”.
It is all in the name
Salman Khan’s twitter handle @BeingSalmanKhan tweeted about the launch of Khan Market Online portal on Dec 27, 2015,
soon after his 50th birthday was celebrated. “Thank u for ur bday wishes. Means a lot to me. And there is your return gift (translated from Hindi) http://www.KhanMarketOnline.com,” is what it said.
Yes, we have sent the letter today as the letter we had sent on January 3 failed to elicit any response from the actor’s side,” said Sanjiv Mehra, president of Khan Market Traders Association.
The legal notice served to Salman stated that the shopping web portal ‘khanmarketonline.com’ launched by him on December 27 may not only be construed as “deceptive and misleading” for traders but also affects consumers of the brand name of the upscale market.
“The things sold on khanmarketonline.com would also be construed as sold by traders of the actual and physical Khan Market. Your web portal is misusing the name Khan Market and hence amounts to passing of your goods as the goods belonging to traders of the market,” said the notice. The notice has given the actor seven days time to stop using the name. So, what’s in a name? A lot, actually!
Quirky and catchy or a deeper meaning
Khanmarket.com is a case in point. Salman Khan’s online shopping had a perfect name, until it was embroiled in a controversy. Experts believe that naming a start-up needs a great deal of effort, such as pondering over its significance or in other words ‘meaning’, ease of pronunciation/ spelling/ recall, availability of a domain name, and so on. But in some cases it might not need anything apart from ‘catchy’ and ‘fanciful’ words, like in the case of some of the hottest global start-ups like Zynga, Twitter and Scribd. While the name Twitter was picked out of a hat, Zynga is named after CEO Mark Pincus’s late American Bulldog, Zinga. The name means African warrior princess. Scribd CEO Trip Adler says the company picked Scribd (pronounced “skribbed”) because of its ties to writing and publishing.
How today’s Indian Start-ups picked up perfect names
Names like Bewakoof, Petoo, GOQii, Chumbak, Happily Unmarried, Jugnoo, Farzi cafe and Jabong tell us that in an increasingly competitive space, the quirkier start-ups get with their choice of names the better. While the names don’t have any direct connection with the product/ service they are dealing in, uniqueness is definitely a key in deciding a name. Take Faasos for example, which is an acronym: “Fanatic Activism Against Substandard Occidental Shit.”
Naming it after your loved ones
“Viari is a combination of my parent’s names. VIdhu and ARIjeet. There wouldn’t be a brand Viari without the support of our 25 year old exports business that was started by my parents,” said Abhyuday Purkayastha, Brand Manager, Viari.
“I have realised that a lot of times, you have to leave important decisions to the women in your life. For me, it was my wife who christened the business “VelvetCase,” said Kapil Hetamsaria, CEO and Co-founder, velvetcase.com.
Meaningful or simply catchy, the brand name plays a critical role in fostering overall brand identity. And if there was a science to getting that perfect name, Apple wouldn’t be the most successful customer product company in the world.

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