What is the driving force behind Omnichannel story of India?

Seamless integration between online, offline and marketplaces is important step in building omnichannel experience.

India is gradually becoming the home to largest number of Internet users. As per a report shared by market research agency, Kantar IMRB, India is expected to register adouble digit growth to reach 627 million consumers in 2019. This digital revolution coupled with booming economy and evolving consumer behavior offers a humongous opportunity for retailers to cash in on. With staggering value proportion, the Omnichannel accounts would influence over $60 billion sales by end of 2019 as highlighted by leading media agency.

Following are few revolutionary ways through which retailers can implement the Omnichannel model efficiently.

Converting Stores into Distribution Centers

Retailers can deliver true omnichannel experience by treating stores as mini distribution centers. There are many solution providers who they help retailers in enabling order fulfillment using local inventory. There are many solution providers which can help small scale retailers in integrating their inventory to centralised system provided by the solution provider.  

Bangalore-based ShopX is doing revolutionary work in this segment. Using ShopX’s retailer-facing app, a small merchant can offer his customers a range of services including making payments for mobile phone and DTH recharges; booking travel tickets for customers; making bill payments; and assisting e-commerce shoppers. ShopX also acts as a pick-up delivery point for such orders. 

Order Management System

Order Management System(OMS) is the first step towards building an omnichannel model. Gone are those days when building websites and mobile applications were sufficient to reach out to one’s potential customers. Today, you need to be present where the customer wants you to be; however, it is equally unpredictable to know where your customers are. Hence, creating a seamless experience by integrating offline stores, marketplace, and e-commerce portal presenceare pertinent steps towards building single view of one’s inventory.

By using ShopX solutions, retailers can directly connect with brands for direct sourcing. ShopX works with top brands and drives maximum consumption for them. Moreover, the company ensures minimum delivery time at a fraction of a cost as compared to any leading marketplace in India. With the ShopXpress feature, the delivery time is as less as two days.

Launched in 2015 by Amit Sharma and Apoorva Jois, ShopX enables retailers to offer their products and services to customers by listing them, along with daily deals, on its platform.

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