Changing Lighting Design Trends in Retail Spaces
Changing Lighting Design Trends in Retail Spaces

The lighting scheme is crucial in the design of retail spaces to facilitate optimal exposure and promotion of the merchandise while creating a distinctive brand-specific atmosphere that is conducive to memorable shopping experiences. A comprehensive lighting strategy enables a layered experience, allowing the user to perceive the full potential of the brand.

At the Pavilion Mall in Pune that houses the multi-brand outlet Iconic, we devised a bespoke lighting solution for their retail outlet via supply and installation of lighting fixtures. Drawing from the customers’ perceptions and expectations of what a retail space must offer, the design solution is predicated on the idea of promoting retail therapy and personalized engagement with shoppers. With each pocket highlighted with a variety of lighting fixtures suited to individual functions, the retail outlets of today offer versatility in spaces, all uniting to exude a cohesive look and feel. Considering the various features, and furnishings — vitrines, shelves and seating —the illumination strategies break the monotony of the endless arrays of products and create intrigue among visitors through shifts in lighting temperature and intensity.

Capitalizing on these vital considerations, typically overlooked in store design, special attention was given to the zoning — from the trial rooms to the placement of brands around the welcoming lounge at the entrance.

The store combines a hospitality-like experience with the luminaires’ evocative designs. Functional, glare-free, and custom-made fixtures — downlights, gimble lights, track spot luminaires and ceiling mounted fixtures from our soft triangOcollection were integrated within the lighting scheme.

Offering the option to explore the brands on either side, the spatial layout is characterized bythe amalgamation of warm and bright undertones of crème in the colour palette with the small white down light fixtures in the ceiling. The signature triangOcollection highlights the main visual merchandise and creates visual focal points by virtue of its distinct form; the sleek and contemporary configuration of the lights also directly complements Iconic’s youthful brand identity. Another place to witness these lights is the lounge area occupying the middle of the display areas and kids’ display counters.In addition to the ceiling-mounted fixtures and track lighting along the walls, each zone of the outlet is customized with bespoke lighting schemes to illuminate the display sections.

The resultant intervention manifests as a series of layered experiences, inviting curiosity from shoppers and enriching their shopping experience. The 25000 sq. ft space has thus been used as a playground for experimenting with different lighting moods and atmospheres, setting Iconic apart from its competitors.

Since the integration of brand-specific lighting strategies in the retail industry, lighting companies have been reinventing illumination strategies that help improve the retail experience.

The decade ahead holds the key to a myriad of advancements and modifications in the lighting industry; the construction field has already witnessed the flexibility of LED lights that offers greater design freedom to architects and designers. The previously rigid structure of the LED strip lighting had been limiting experimentation of interior surfaces; however, the flexible LED lights amends these limitations with their versatility. The popularity of industrial style interiors in the retail industry has widely opened the portal for track lighting. Similarly, the sleek and minimal built of track lighting systems projects a noticeable yet elegant presence, making them a primary choice in merchandise designs. 

Ambient lighting, besides the display lights, contributes to the business; imbuing a warm and welcoming environment is a part of customer service in the retail business. As opposed to the overwhelming white lighting of the past, today’s retailers are opting for lighting solutions that are currently available in the market. Along with calming interiors, recessed warm lighting helps drive engagement — and by extension — sales.

Lighting control systems have been proven to be extremely reliable in terms of operational flexibility, especially in large-scale retail setups. The technology helps in reducing the enormous energy wastage that emerges from retail stores. The lighting automation trends of today mandate energy-efficient illumination, while capably catering to user-comfort. Smart lighting adapts as per daylight hours and circadian rhythm of the body to make the everyday routines more comfortable, which results in synchronized functioning of automated lighting solutions with the changing needs of the different hours of the day. Additionally, the global lighting market will soon see the introduction of lighting solutions dedicated to the emotional and behavioral patterns and choices of the individual.

Quirky Decorative Lamps, sculpted in abstract shapes, have been enticing urban millennials, making them popular in contemporary branded environments. These lamps spruce up dead and dark corners, making them instantly inviting. Markets today offer multiple variants, ranging from minimal shapes that go with muted palettes to abstract and complex forms that blend into a lavish ensemble. Apart from illuminating spaces and rendering moods, lighting helps in multiplying the volume of areas. Hence, the ideal level of lighting helps in compensating the lack of space by enhancing the scale and experience of the existing space.

The piece is written by Vishal Singh, Founder and Managing Director, Vizion Lighting


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