How a Zippr Code Will Affect E-Commerce Business?

By receiving their packages sooner and without a hassle, customers are more likely to leave a great review of your product or brand.
How a Zippr Code Will Affect E-Commerce Business?

In the last couple of years, we have seen a number of start-ups with an aim to simplify, grow or disrupt the eCommerce industry. They have worked on anything from sales processes and marketing to web services and customer support.

But one of the most complicated aspects of eCommerce, shipping and delivery, was something not everyone was eager to tackle. That’s when Zippr stepped on the scene, a fresh startup solving the age-old issue of disorganized postal addresses and inefficient delivery.

Since it was founded by 30-year-old Aditya Vuchi in Hyderabad, it has taken India by storm, especially when it comes to eCommerce deliveries. The app is now building a great reputation and has spread to over 20 countries.

How Does Zippr Work?

Zippr was founded to resolve the issue of inefficient postal systems, which is something India is notorious for. With many hidden alleys, unregistered streets and cluttered passages, India is basically a postman’s nightmare.

With Zippr, users link an 8-digit code and map their address (either home or office) on Google Maps. Since Google Maps is very precise and well-structured, delivery people can identify the exact location of an address using that code from the user.

Benefits of Zippr Code for eCommerce Businesses

Now, it’s been tested and proven that Zippr works great, especially in countries where it’s much needed (like India), but what does it imply for online stores and other industries that depend on delivery services?

More Efficient Delivery

The most obvious benefit of using Zippr in your eCommerce business is that the delivery process will be more efficient. By receiving their packages sooner and without a hassle, customers are more likely to leave a great review of your product or brand.

With a great postal identification system such as Zippr, delivery companies are most likely to want to work with you on a regular basis and offer you perks as a loyal customer.

The rates of common postal delivery issues will be severely decreased when you use Zippr codes, especially if you sell to countries where the postal system is chaotic. For this reasons, courier services platform eCourier partnered up with Zippr to allow their users to compare the best mode of sending packages and parcels by entering two Zippr codes (sending address and the receiving address).

Boost of Sales

When your products get great reviews, along with comments that the delivery process works like a charm because of Zippr codes, you will get an influx of new customers who are looking for reliable shippers and sellers.

“Delivery time, quality and reliability play a huge role in the overall rating and opinion of a product. If you’re a seller, don’t think of delivery as something that’s outside your control, but go the extra mile and optimize the process yourself”, says Kelly Harold, a procurement consultant at Studicus.

After you implement Zippr into your product delivery process, wait a few months and compare results. You can also compare different customer reviews over time and see how they feel about delivery with Zippr codes.

Many businesses, from small startups to multinational corporations, have introduced Zippr in their delivery systems to boost their sales and provide their customers with cutting-edge tech solutions. For example, Domino’s Pizza partnered up with Zippr in 2015, which allowed their customers to avoid typing in a four-line address data and simply enter their Zippr code.

No Non-Delivered Returns

Returns and product exchange requests are the biggest hassle an online retail company can have. Not only are they time-consuming and inconvenient, but they have a worse effect on your profits than if you had never sold a product in the first place.

When a customer is unsatisfied with the product, you should always provide them with a way to return it or exchange it, and this is out of the question. But, one thing you can affect is reducing the rate your packages are returned to you because of failure to deliver.

This often happens when a postman or delivery staff cannot find the address, so they bring the package back to the base. It also happens that customers don’t even receive notifications of failed delivery if their address is hard to find.

Higher Customer Satisfaction

All of the factors that we mentioned above will have a positive effect on the satisfaction of your customers, who will be more likely to recommend your brand after a pleasant delivery experience.

You can also use these tools to track your customers’ interaction with your online store and improve satisfaction: MonsterInsights (to track activity on your online store), Hootsuite Insights (to see the growth of your sales and profits), TrustMyPaper (to find writers for better product descriptions), SendCloud (for shipping management) and GrabMyEssay (for crafting better marketing messages to increase sales).


Zippr has absolutely disrupted postal services and delivery, which means that it will bring the same force of impact to the eCommerce industry. The only thing that’s left to do as an online store trying to reach more customers is to accept this new model and start delivering to Zippr codes.

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