How 4 Fashion Brands are Using TikTok?

While young India is using it to showcase their talent many brands have started leveraging TikTok in many ways.

TikTok is hardly a year old social app allowing users to make short, looping videos with special effects and musical overlays.

 This social site is hit already among millions of users, and most of them are young adults.


While young India is using it to showcase their talent many brands have started leveraging TikTok in many ways including promoting new collection, increasing traffic, increasing brand awareness amongst others. TikTok also offers hyper linking capabilities for brands.


Lets shed light on few leading fashion brands which are benefitting from TikTok..


Label Ritu Kumar-

The brand is trying to expand into the Western wear segment through Label with an aim to target a younger demographic (college goers/people entering the workforce for the first time). They wanted to create awareness on their Autumn Winter '19 collection. For the same, they worked on TikTok's widely used ad solution In-feed Native Video that allows for an immersive, original, and interactive format for ads, which is designed to trigger more in-depth interactions from the users. The brand ambassador for this was Kiara Advani. Given that TikTok is platform that has this younger demographic they wanted to showcase this new collection through a video format on TikTok. The campaign was able to create awareness amongst almost millions of women on the TikTok platform

Ritu Kumar



This e-commerce website wanted to drive awareness and traffic to their shopping website.

    • The campaign delivered more than 5 million impressions for their In- feed Ads while reaching almost 4.1 million unique users.


Arvind Lifestyle- Unlimited


The objective of the collaboration with TikTok was to increase brand awareness for launch of new offerings by the brand. The campaign ran four different creatives for four different types of outfits. (Dresses, Denim Jeans, Ethnic and Cherokee)




This sportswear retailer partnered with TikTok to give young audiences a chance to rally behind their fav team during the cricket fever. The #SockThem Challenge had users create their own #sockthem video, perform their moves and sing the anthem to join the movement, garnering 10.1billion views on the platform.




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