How Fashion Industry can support #VocalforLocal?

In this time of the global pandemic, it is important to celebrate the local brands that are working day in and out to boost the economy.
How Fashion Industry can support #VocalforLocal?

The global pandemic caused by COVID19 has affected the economy badly and has led to the closing of many business houses at medium and lower levels. Recently, while addressing the society virtually, Prime Minister Narendra Modi mentioned about ‘Made in India’ and ‘Atmanirbhar’. The latter stressed on relying and promoting local and Indian business enterprises. And in no time, his focus on Atmanirbhar became the voice of society. In the present time, it has become the need of the hour to focus and promote local businesses. In the fashion world, where designers and brands rely on local artisans, it is important to extend a helping hand to them, and for them; it will become the source of livelihood and existence. Here, we are sharing some key points that can be kept in mind while promoting local brands and artisans. If you are the one who runs such local enterprises or wishes to be a part of the process, you may consider the below-mentioned points.

Buy and support local

In this time of the global pandemic, it is important to celebrate the local brands that are working day in and out to boost the economy. To support them, we need to first make a shift from international choices to local choices and start buying locally made products. For instance, instead of buying a summer collection of an international brand, invest in locally made fabrics and get them stitched. This act will benefit two parties and bring in prosperity for both.

Encourage Local

Another way to support local artisans and brands is to spread positive words via online reviews and ratings for the particular NGO or section of society working for the local artisans or unit. You can use your personal social media platforms to share clicks and postpositive words. This will surely help them grow.

Use social media

If you are the one who is running a local brand or handling local artisans, try using technology for branding purposes.  If you don’t’ indulge via any agency, it’s a free source that can be managed by generic guidelines available online. All you need to do is create an account, upload images, and share a brief about your business and products. This might help you build a different section of customers who love to shop online.

Invest in website

If you have resources and wish to build your brand globally and spread the craft of India, then think of investing in a website, which will call for technical support and a minimal yearly investment and regular updates. With the help of this medium, you can indulge in online selling via third parties and involve in cashless transactions too. It is an easy medium to reduce the costing of the end products and maximize profit. You can also use this medium to be a part of the trend, where you can rent your product against some security deposit.

Stay consistent

When it comes to building a brand, consistency is the key. The same rule applies in the case of promoting local artisans and brands. Whichever means you choose to promote the business, be consistent with that means and stick to it.

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