How fashion is evolving in the time of COVID-19?
How fashion is evolving in the time of COVID-19?

Adjust, navigate, and create, these are the key pillars that have been moving the world of fashion ever since the COVID–19 pandemic impacted the economics of the creative world. The change has given rise to a brand new world, a world where creative minds are uniting for a new tomorrow and are expecting to revolutionize the market at large. While a lot of questions pertaining to the future of the industry and its survival have been bombarded, it’s the inner strength of players that is shaping the market for a promising tomorrow.

Here’s how the fashion world is evolving with time in the post-COVID era.

Online domination

The change is happening at all levels. From fashion weeks going online to the growing online fashion market, these are the signals that the fashion industry is going through a transition, where digital space is playing a key role in offering a substantial market to all sorts of players. The change began in the second-half of lockdown when consumers started making a smart move towards online shopping. At present, a strong online presence is a key to brands' survival and success in the future.

Vocal for local

The ‘Made in India’ campaign by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given a major boost to Indian fashion designers, who were lacking behind because of fast fashion brands. Social media has been an effective tool in making local fashion brands popular and has helped in generating business for them during the post-lockdown era.

Boom of sustainability

As vocal for local turned out to be a success, it has simultaneously helped in creating a boon for sustainable fashion. Now, many customers have started shopping more consciously and thinking about the ethical aspects of their shopping experience. If we look at social media buzz, people are now thinking a lot more about endorsing companies that have a mission, purpose, and message and are doing something for the betterment of particular strata of society.

Change in style

Another important change is a shift in style. People are shopping for what they can wear right now. The pandemic has elevated the need for comfortable leisurewear, as people work, live, and play from their homes. While athleisure has been hot for a while, but it’s only a branch of this larger evolution and in the current time established athleisure brands that already branched out into loungewear before the pandemic are seeing wins, while other brands are launching new lines.

Being Futuristic

The pandemic has taught everyone that life is unpredictable. And this change in life has made people and brands futuristic, where people are going back to roots to shape the future in the most productive manner. The culture of vintage in India is growing at a fast pace and is being routed through technology in the fashion world. A glimpse of it was seen in the recent digital fashion week, where the roots of Indian culture took the center stage.

Breaking away

The new normal has led to break away from the traditional modes of functioning and designers and fashion entities are moving away from traditional patterns to embrace newer approaches. The idea is to use the new market space to showcase past and current collections to consumers, enabling sales for inventories that have been stuck due to pandemic, and make ways for the future new collections as well.

Customer intimacy

Designers and brands are now taking active steps to connect more deeply with their customer base. They have now acknowledged the universal uncertainties and fears and rather than focusing primarily on pushing sales, they are now trying to be empathetic and building relationships with customers. They are using communication as the most effective tool that provides comfort to customers and will keep them connected to their favorite brands, even if they are cautious with spending now.

New directions

Let’s accept the fact that 2020 is all about survival and brands and designers are finding new ways to redirect the manpower and sustain the brands in the next two quarters and wait for the revival of the market. Designers are finding new directions where fabrics and designs can help them generate decent revenue to meet their needs. From home décor, gloves to masks, creative minds are venturing in every possible direction with a ray of hope.


Nothing is constant and this is what everyone is trying to believe and is working towards a better tomorrow. As far as the fashion world is concerned from the apex body (FDCI) to individual players, each one is striking the right cord of creativity to fine-tune the song of success in the next year. 

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