How Technology is Aiding in Improving Consumers Experience This Diwali

The mom and pop stores struggle to find their place in the digital medium. The consumers are on the lookout for reliable vendors to relish a satisfactory shopping experience.

We live in a period where technology has become an inevitable aspect of our daily life. The smartphone and electronic devices simplify the tasks to a significant level. Companies utilise this digital medium to connect and enhance the consumer experience. Consumers splurge on various things in this season to depict their festive bliss. Most of us have a clear idea of the impact of online shopping in our lives. This was a relatively new concept in the past decade. However, the public has embraced the segments due to various reasons. All e-commerce giants are geared up to promote their products through their deals and discounts. These organisations have exuberant budgets to promote their portals and capture the attention of the consumers. They conduct different promotional campaigns to motivate customers. Most of these deals seem genuine and serves as influential pull factors. It seems relatively easy to purchase goods with a click rather than the traditional methods.


It is established that technology plays a crucial role in major industries and segments. This has created a market that is favourable to consumers. They help the companies to establish a more meaningful relationship with their target group. Consumers are given a comprehensive range of choices, deals and accessibility. They can share their opinion and feedback with the companies in a simplified manner. It does not just help in marketing but also motivates the growth of the industry as a whole. However, little do we realise the discrepancies in this system. The silent truth about online shopping is that consumers find deals more attractive than the product itself. Currently, this development is restricted to large corporations and organisations.

The neighbourhood shops are still at a loss on how to promote their products and services. They do not have the expertise to develop an online store. It is also challenging to promote it amidst the high competition of the e-commerce giants. The ideal solution to this situation would be to develop the right platform that can connect the local stores with the community.


The mom and pop stores struggle to find their place in the digital medium. The consumers are on the lookout for reliable vendors to relish a satisfactory shopping experience. This application would have to be designed in the ideal way to cater to the requirement of the stores and their potential target group. Companies can utilise the progression in the web development segment to design this application. They would have to handle this concept in a systematic way to achieve results. The primary step would be to identify the small businesses in the neighbourhood and provide them with digital space. The local stores can utilise this place to host their services and key strengths. The stores have the advantage of displaying their products in an economical way.  The coverage should be offered to a wide range of service providers to provide adequate information to the consumers. The customers can search for the required services and products with ease. Technology is the key to a better future, and it should be accessible to all people. Companies on a global level have undertaken the responsibility to help small businesses to build a better relationship with their potential target groups. National technology-based companies are testing the market, and they are expected to implement the concept for the Indian market.


The article has been penned down by Yashraj Bhatia, Founder, Bajar Retail App

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