The Pandemic Bolstered In-Home Coffee Consumption Last Year, Will it Continue to Beat the Coronavirus Blues?
The Pandemic Bolstered In-Home Coffee Consumption Last Year, Will it Continue to Beat the Coronavirus Blues?

The previous year is one that will go down in history for many reasons. It caused significant changes in our daily lives and routines. With the lockdowns that brought our social lives to a sudden halt came several trends that helped us cope with this change. Since, work from home became the new norm, with most people confined to their homes, coffee consumption witnessed a sudden spike during this phase.

And it’s fair to mention that this trend is likely to continue in the coming years.

To most, drinking coffee is a ritual. It is a refreshing and voguish beverage. A good cup of coffee, for instance, can be a perfect complement for a productive day. In fact, even before the pandemic hit, meeting at a cafe for a cup of java was popular.

However, this socializing over a cup of coffee experienced a sudden hit. The pandemic-induced restrictions led to the shutting down of restaurants and cafes.  Unable to step out, coffee lovers indeed missed their favorite coffee. They realized that cafes won’t resume soon, and it led coffee drinkers to begin experimenting with new coffee recipes at home.

This is when several coffee trends/innovations made inroads, thereby giving people a reason to escape from the mundane routine and dullness caused by the pandemic. Let’s have a look at a few trends that came to their rescue:

In-person coffee sessions moving online

Initially driven by necessity, people are now open to new recipes and brewing techniques in terms of coffee. What is even more interesting is several coffee brands are also holding live coffee sessions on Instagram and other social media platforms. Well, they have been sharing unique coffee brewing tips and tricks to help coffee drinkers brew a perfect cup of coffee for themselves and their loved ones at home. 

Dalgona Coffee

Other than the pandemic, 2020 will also be remembered for bringing in the Dalgona Coffee trend. It created a buzz on social media platforms and in no time became a popular at-home beverage. It looks delicious with a layer of creaminess on top. The best part about Dalgona coffee is it can be prepared

With basic ingredients available at home and anyone - from children to adults - can master the art of making Dalgona coffee.

Coffee Shots

Coffee shots ain’t a new phenomenon, but they became increasingly popular in 2020. For many, coffee or coffee shots provide them with instant energy. Therefore, as people were stuck at their homes with a great amount of work, lack of motivation and no in-person socializing, coffee shots worked as an energy booster. Today, several brands have their entire in-cafe coffee range available on their online coffee store. Several brands are also innovating on making coffee easily available, thereby offering a large selection of coffee capsules as well as easy-to-use pour-over coffee bags.

In conclusion, looking at the trends mentioned above, one thing is certain that people have got their priorities in order when it comes to their coffee. The coffee drinking trend was on the rise but the pandemic instantly catalyzed it further. India saw a growth in the consumption of coffee with people fast catching up with the third wave of coffee that focuses on convenience, experience, and origin. So, can we say that the fourth wave of coffee culture will soon be knocking at our door? 

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