Up your Comfy Tracksuit Style Statement in 2021

The pandemic times have led people to go the comfy route with no need of dressing to impress. But, who said comfy tracksuits can't be stylish? Read along to know more about how you can elevate the comfy tracksuit look to fit your sense of style.
Up your Comfy Tracksuit Style Statement in 2021

Several lockdowns later and almost a year after, the COVID-19 pandemic has altered not only life but major lifestyle choices to fit people’s stay-at-home requirements. Not socializing and staying indoors has led people to rely on comfort over style, and it is pretty understandable. Chilling in your tracksuit is definitely the new normal. But who says you can’t bedazzle the tracksuit look to feel a little festive this New Year?

Tracksuits and Runway Fashion

While tracksuits originally surfaced in the 60s serving the very practical purpose of being a comfy apparel for athletes, they didn’t take much time to get popular for everyday lounging. They resurfaced as style statements for street wear as popular musicians and artists helped tracksuits evolve as a pop culture statement. The iconic Paris Hilton and Jennifer Lopez track-suit look is still unforgettable having inspired tonnes of runway designs over the years, still continuing to be a “cool” style statement in the fashion realm.

Some Celebrities Who Revolutionized Tracksuits in 2020

The trendy tracksuit look has been revolutionized in the last decade where people have in general gravitated towards casual styles. The five-time Grammy-winner Billie Eilish is a pop culture sensation who has taken the tracksuit look to another level. Her authentic comfort style has inspired several teens to get on the track-pants bandwagon!

Up your Comfy Tracksuit Style Statement in 2021

Here is a click of Kylie Jenner sporting a Veluor Tracksuit with style and accessories. It only goes to show that glamour and track-suits can definitely be a theme, which has in fact gotten popular, even before comfort was priority.

Up your Comfy Tracksuit Style Statement in 2021

How To Up Your Tracksuit Game in 2021?

Staying at home has always been about comfort. So much so now, that one wouldn’t know how to do without it! Why not up your style game with a comfy tracksuit look, and enter this New Year with style?

Play with solid colours and accessories or perhaps solo prints, florals and other apparel patterns like Tara Sutaria and Kiara Advani in their fun looks.

Up your Comfy Tracksuit Style Statement in 2021

 A neutral tracksuit can be paired with non-chalant slippers or a comfy pair of shoes. Kareena pulls off this look while also pulling off more glamorous athleisure looks.

Up your Comfy Tracksuit Style Statement in 2021

You can opt for a bold print on top with solid pants for another statement look. Neon tracksuits could be your thing too, accessorized with a brass coloured chain or perhaps some white shoes. Here’s how the power couple Raveer and Deepika aced the Neon tracksuit look.

Up your Comfy Tracksuit Style Statement in 2021

Club it up with a jacket or a pair of shades. Need a little inspiration? You can look up runway tracksuit pieces or perhaps celebs who chose monochrome, patterned or a combination of styles for their look. Statement accessories often add the much needed bling to your look. Channelize your true sense of style and explore colours, patterns and accessories to up your tracksuit game in 2021.

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