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3 factors that can help expand eCommerce industry into emerging markets

The growth of this online retail format, over the past 5 years, has not just transformed consumer buying behaviour but has also affected emerging and developing countries.

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Online Diwali Sale: How Shopclues nabbed 5X hike in its net business

Additionally, with the first two days of the 10-day Diwali Sale, the e-commerce platform has registered a 5X growth in demand products like for LED TVs, 5X growth in 4G smartphones and 10X growth in feature phones.

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How Big Data helped this online retailer drive better traffic and footfall

Furthermore, it is now important for eRetailers to focus on delivering something more valuable, something more personalised and price competitive.

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Flipkart & Amazon lead the chart; orders from Tier II cities roar this festive season

It has been observed that there is a stiff competition between and Flipkart closely followed by Snapdeal and then Shopclues in terms of the rise in their Gross Merchandise Value (GMV).

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5 praiseworthy names disrupting the fashion rental ecosystem in India

While some of these models are operated on virtual stores (online marketplaces), there are quite a few that have a physical retail presence.

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How fintech companies are connecting offline customers with eRetailers

Despite all these possibilities that mobile wallets open up, Indian still is far away from becoming a cashless economy.

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Why government want 'Jan Aushadhi' counters at hypermarkets & supermarkets

The move by the government is undoubtedly to splurge the demand of unbranded generics and to keep their prices low, but in order to make it used by the mass, doctors and practitioners do need to prescribe them too.

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How hypermarkets can structure non-monetary loyalty programs around customers' values

With the rising consumer expectation and fierce market competition, retail brands are betting on consumer loyalty programs to engage well with their customers.

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Why eCommerce was one of the most crucial sessions at World Trade Organisation

The ministry is now aggressively analysing at all the papers being submitted by the US at WTO on the matter to understand the standpoints mentioned.

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Here is why Urban Ladder has partnered with its arch rival

Online furniture retailers who aspire to capture the entire country with a significant market share would rather need to revamp their product portfolio, sourcing methodology and the pricing strategies.

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3 emerging logistics trends Indian eCommerce companies can't afford to miss

Below mentioned are 3 elemental trends that can enable a flawless growth of eCommerce industry leveraging the logistics sector.

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How Flipkart is planning to comply with the recently passed GST bill

Online retailing is here to stay. Currently the industry has growing at its unprecedented best and is soon touted to become one of the strongest key factors to the Indian economy.

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How are eRetailers gearing up for the 'Very Merry' festive season sale?

Unlike last year, this year's festive season is going to be a mega bonanza and thus many eRetailers have already started hiring more people in order to stand straight on the splurging demand during the tenure.

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Why eWallets are not likely to become a mainstream mode of payment anytime soon

Transactional fraud is one big barrier that is impeding these service providers to win consumerís trust. Mobile transactions are increasing rapidly, but retaining customers is getting tougher.

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$1.42 bn worth of eComm investment in 2016. Top 5 eRetailers who stole the show

With much coherent retail and eRetail policies, advancements in FDI norms and rising preference of digital shopping, eCommerce in India is heading towards its unpredictable best.

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