Vaishnavi Gupta

Vaishnavi Gupta

Sr Correspondent

Vaishnavi Gupta is a Sr Correspondent at Franchise India. Having an optimistic approach towards life, Vaishnavi is a writer by day and a reader by night. She is a travel enthusiast who loves to indulge in adventure sports. Being a keen observer and a writer, Vaishnavi has started her career as a journalist three years back. She has worked as a legal news writer and currently working as business journalist with a zeal to explore the world of journalism.


The beauty market has evolved significantly throughout the years, particularly in the last two years. Beauty is now defying expectations and redefining itself as a means of self-expression, thus encouraging more about 'how you feel' in your skin and hence breaking standard beauty norms. Beauty technologies, product advancements, and selling methods are rapidly evolving. It's also worth noting that millennials and Gen-Z are spearheading the transformation.

The organic beauty care market is a fast-growing industry in India. The Indians today are in search of products that are natural as well as organic in nature. India’s organic personal care products market is expected to grow from $571.43 million in FY2020 to $1,239.04 million in FY2026, growing with a CAGR of 14.69 percent, according to Techsci Research. One of the brands that are ready to take share in this growing market is Plantas.