Hoegaarden Joins Hand with Designer Rahul Mishra
Hoegaarden Joins Hand with Designer Rahul Mishra

Designer Rahul Mishra and iconic Belgian beer and gin brand Hoegaarden initiated a partnership to unveil ‘Summer in a Glass-’ a limited-edition sipping collection. 

Launching just in time for World Cocktail Day on May 13th, the exquisite sipping collection is nothing short of a collectible. Titled 'Summer in a Glass,' it takes inspiration from Hoegaarden Gin's three delightful flavors, each brought to life through Rahul Mishra's unparalleled designs.

Hoegaarden has been synonymous with curating delightfully delicious experiences with its flavourful portfolio of beer and gin. Our partnership with Rahul Mishra has allowed us to reimagine the art of slowing down & savouring in style. We’re thrilled about the culmination of this collaboration in ‘Summer in a Glass’, inviting consumers on a journey of sensory exploration,” said Vineet Sharma, Vice President - Marketing, AB InBev India.

Every aspect of the Sipping Collection is carefully designed to embody the refinement and meticulousness synonymous with both brands. Featuring elaborate, nature-inspired motifs, refined glassware, and delicate brooches gracing each Hoegaarden bottle, the collection seamlessly blends design with indulgence. 

When I think of summer, I imagine crystal blue skies, vibrant landscape and a variety of flavoursome cuisine. An ideal time for leisure and celebration—the sentiment we’ve aimed to bring to this special package design with Hoegaarden. The design borrows inspiration from the ingredients used in their three introductory flavours. It works in synergy with our appreciation for nature's cherished gifts of summer," said Rahul Mishra. 

Rahul Mishra's artistic perspective intertwines seamlessly with Hoegaarden’s rich heritage and flavor profiles, resulting in a harmonious fusion of brand philosophies and a collection of coveted bar items. Hoegaarden’s Parisian Romance Gin captures the allure of French streets with its berry-forward flavor; the Belgian Original transports you to fragrant Ghent gardens with its orange-coriander notes, while the Mediterranean Summer variant evokes the sun-kissed terraces of the Riviera with its layered citrus notes.

The collaboration between Rahul Mishra and Hoegaarden represents the epitome of sophistication and excellence. Hoegaarden's brand essence lies in its heritage as the original Belgian wheat beer, with a portfolio that constantly evolves to meet consumers' demand for easy-to-drink yet premium options. This aligns perfectly with Mishra's commitment to meticulous artistry, resulting in a truly exceptional offering that appeals to consumers who value both fashion and distinctive, flavorful experiences.

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