realme Teams Up with Sony for New 5G Device Featuring AI-Imaging
realme Teams Up with Sony for New 5G Device Featuring AI-Imaging

realme, the mobile phone manufacturer, has unveiled a collaboration with Sony, the Japanese consumer electronics leader, for its forthcoming 5G smartphone. This partnership marks realme's entry into a new market segment featuring advanced AI-imaging capabilities. The announcement was made during a pre-launch event held in Bangkok by realme officials.

"This collaboration between realme and Sony will see the debut of the world's first Sony's LYT-701 camera sensor in the realme 13 Pro Series 5G," company officials stated.

Speaking at a media briefing, Francis Wong, Head of Product Marketing at realme, highlighted the evolution of the smartphone industry's focus on megapixel counts, sensor sizes, and lens technologies over the years. He noted that while these advancements have empowered users with enhanced camera capabilities and control, further hardware-based improvements are now approaching limits.

Francis Wong, Head of Product Marketing, realme stated, "The future lies not just in better hardware, but in AI (artificial intelligence). AI is the new frontier that will decide the future of mobile photography. While advancements in smartphone cameras have given users more flexibility and control, purely hardware-based improvements are reaching a ceiling.

The company plans to announce the official launch dates for the device in India and other global markets soon, according to a statement.

Featuring industry-first HYPERIMAGE+ technology, the AI-imaging enabled device incorporates multiple lenses, periscope lenses, and large sensors, essential for capturing high-quality images, as per realme.

In addition to this, the device offers on-device AI imaging algorithms and cloud-based AI image editing capabilities.

Equipped with the LYT-701 camera sensor and a 50MP periscope telephoto camera using Sony LYT-600, the phones are designed to deliver exceptional image quality.

"This collaboration is about more than just technology, it's about empowering everyone to capture and share their world in ways never before imagined," said Toshimitsu Kurosaka, Vice President, Sony Semiconductor Solutions (Shanghai) Limited.

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