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Excluzen plans to bring in international brands not available in India.
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Excluzen.com is one of India’s leading luxury service and products website catering to a very niche segment of the market. Recently, the website tied up with the Prestige Ticketing, official hospitality partner for Olympics London 2012 to offer travel and stay packages for corporate in India and Singapore. Urvashi Bahuguna Sahay, Founder & CEO, Excluzen.com shares her plans and experience so far in the online industry with Gunjan Piplani of Indianretailer.com.

Gunjan Piplani (GP): Excluzen has recently tied up with Prestige Ticketing, can you inform our readers more about the tie up?

Urvashi Bahuguna Sahay(UBS): Excluzen is about offering its members fine experience of life. We cater to both individual and corporate as well. Prestige Ticketing is the official partner for providing hospitality packages for London Olympics 2012. With them, we will be providing tickets for all the events at Olympics ensure food, stay, transfer to the venue and also visits to Olympics village. We will book everything from tickets to stay, complete hospitality, once a customer buys this package from us.

GP: What is the price of the package offered and how has the response been?

UBS: The packages are ranged between 5,000 – 15,000pounds/person. For this, we are in the final stages of signing details with seven to 10 corporates, for their top management or top guy. Apart from that we have a lot of enquiries coming in.

GP: How are you promoting these limited edition packages?

UBS: Such packages or offers can never be promoted over a mailing blast. It requires a lot of one on one interaction with corporate, ensuring them great service and hospitality. We are talking to our network of 100-250 corporate and taking them through what the offer is like. We also enable them to talk to Prestige directly as well.

GP: Do you also have exclusive tie ups with any other hospitality company?

UBS: Apart from Olympics, we are also promoting and providing hospitality packages for Formula One that will be held in Singapore. For this we have tied up with hospitality companies in India as well as Singapore to offer packages.

GP: What is your take on ‘Exclusive’ going Online?

UBS: Indians are now having the wealth to spend and are also becoming aspirational about a lot of things, from brands to luxury and to better services. But the Indian online space is filled with only mass market products and brands. Apart from Excluzen, there is no Indian site that gives exclusive services or offers exclusive deals and products.

GP: What is the current status of Excluzen in terms of members and product?

UBS: For us we don’t believe in numbers, it’s a website for people who love luxury and exclusivity. We have about 10,000 Excluzen members and of this 25-30 per cent of them are repeat buyers. In terms of SKUs, we have about 1,000-2,000 (split between product and services). Of this watches and gadgets are the best selling products.

All products are high value purchase as they are almost 20 times costlier than the brands or products sold on mass market e-retail portals.

GP: What are your expansion plans?

UBS: In terms of expansion, we plan to grow our number of SKUs and bring in international brands which are not available in India as of now. We have the import export license from the government. So, any international brands who want to enter India can launch themselves through Excluzen very easily.

We are also looking at designer handbags and also start off with events where in we will provide international artists to perform on occasions.



Urvashi Bahuguna Sahay