Home Automation can now be experienced at a reasonable price: Ramachandra Tallam, MD, Shilpa High Rise
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Home Automation can now be experienced at a reasonable price: Ramachandra Tallam, MD, Shilpa High Rise

Home automation solutions are highly modular, whether used for retrofitting in existing homes or adding new devices, with new technologies in Home Automation, one can conveniently expand on the existing devices, says Bengaluru-based Ramachandra Tallam, Managing Director, Shilpa High Rise Pvt Ltd.

What kind of home automation products and services you provide?

iCasa provides wireless Z-wave solution, which is a proven state-of-the-art technology for Home Automation. Being wireless, retrofitting in existing homes is possible without any new wiring or change of décor. Solution is highly modular and you can expand in future by adding new devices on need basis.

With iCasa we can inter-operate between different Home Automation Protocols i.e. current existing protocols can be controlled with our solutions, which is a big plus for existing automated homes where expansion is not possible.

Who are your target group of consumers?

Anyone who would like to experience Home Automation can now afford it at a very reasonable price. Scope for expansion is an added feature that we provide. Today, Home Automation is not a luxury it will become part and parcel of every one’s life. It adds sense of comfort and security combined in one package.

Do you provide products and services to retail brands, if yes, who are they?

At this point, we are not sure of promoting our products through retail chains, but yes, we have in the pipeline to create DIY kits and promote the same through large-size retail format stores.

What is your biggest achievement till date?

We are the first company to deal and provide Z-wave technology in India. We follow the standards and norms set by the Indian Government and Law, for eg- frequency. We will also be the first company to open/start an online store for Home Automation products, which are in the DIY segment.

What kind of new products and services you are going to launch in the near future?

We will be launching new products that can be added or extended with your existing Home Automation System. We will also be launching with Future Technologies like GPS watches for kids and senior family members and Robots to help in your domestic work. Our mission is to enhance human lifestyle. 

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