Safeguarding the hospitality sector
Safeguarding the hospitality sector

Zicom group has worked quite extensively in ensuring that the hotels in the country are equipped with high-end technological security solutions. Mr. Anand Swaminathan, Director, Product and Solution, Zicom Electronic Security Systems Limited elaborates on their offerings.

Aadeetya Sriram (AS): What is Zicom all about? Please elaborate on your security offerings?

Anand Swaminathan (AS): Currently the largest electronic security systems provider in the country with a domain knowledge & expertise spanning 2 decades, Zicom is a name synonymous with Physical Security in India. Renowned for having pioneered the concept of affordable security solutions in the country, the brand has undertaken numerous initiatives aimed towards creating awareness for security products and services in the domestic market. Zicom’s product offerings encompasses the full spectrum of the market segment – Intrusion Detection Systems, Video Door Phones, Finger Print Locks, CCTV’s, DVR’s, Fire Detection Systems and Access Control Systems. With respect to services, Zicom offers Central Monitoring Services with India’s first and only centralized CMS facility and is also the first security solutions provider in the country to introduce the SaaS (Security as a Service) model, a service intended primarily for large corporate customers who opt for having Security as an opex as opposed to a capex.

AS: Where are you manufacturing your products?

AS: Zicom’s products are assembled in Parwanoo, Himachal Pradesh.

AS: How is the implementation of technology undertaken for your products; enlighten us about your technology set-up? How much have you invested in them?

AS: We have a strong R&D team that works proactively towards developing various innovative concepts designed specifically for the Indian market to suit the domestic market atmosphere. The most recent includes GPRS enabled Video Door Phone Systems amongst others. The investment to execute these activities is a little more than a few crores including research, design, manpower and domain knowledge.

AS: How exactly are you contributing to the retailers in terms of your products? Your future plans for retail segment in the country?

AS: With reference to technological contributions, Zicom is already offering products and solutions for retailers covering issues like Sweet-hearting, Grazing, Tag-switching, opening and closing management, Footfall counting and tracking, Pre-cooling, Remote viewing etc. As for the availability of Zicom products through retail counters, it is important to add that Zicom was the first in the country to offer security products through different formats i.e. large, medium and small. We continue to offer our products through these formats and have expanded our offerings through small-retail stores and dedicated channel partners.

AS:  How do you view the evolution of technology set-up in the country over the years?

AS: It is unfortunate that India is still a long-way off from technological leadership. While we offer a technological prowess and product innovation equal or superior to many companies world-wide, we are not able to offer much for our own country.  But India’s “frugal-engineering” concept is soon gaining acceptance worldwide and this should drive a different kind of technology-evolution and developing a unique set-up in the country over the next 5-10years.


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