The unique beauty treatment
The unique beauty treatment

After honing and practicing their art for years, the sister duo, Megha-Neha, have recently opened their very own 1000 sq ft concept beauty boutique, Megha-Neha Boutique, in the national capital at Sainik Farms. With they share their offerings and future business plans.

Rajni Pandey (RP): What kind of services you are providing at your boutique?

Neha & Megha (N&M): This is our first flagship store and apart from our regular services, our main focus here is on bridal make-up and we also do certain skin treatments like green peal, caviar treatments and enzyme treatments, which are first of its kind. Apart from all this we are mainly into bridal make-up and that is what the studio is mainly going to offer.

RP: Are you planning to open chain of boutiques? Would you expand through franchisee model?

N&M: Definitely we are planning to open chain of boutiques. However, the most important thing with our brand would be giving special and personal attention to each and every bride. So as long as this remains, we will be more than happy to offer different kinds of studios, different concept of studios in different locations.

We would not like to expand our boutique on franchisee model because our work is more to do with personal touch. So, we are offering services which my sister, Megha, and I do. So, I don’t think franchisee would make any sense because it’s our personal touch, which is the USP.

 RP: Why you choose Delhi for launching for the first boutique? Any other city where you plan to launch your next boutique? 

N&M: We launched our first store in Delhi only because we live in Gurgaon, and Delhi is the nearest metropolitan city we could pick, so it was our first choice. But talking about expansion, we would definitely like to expand in Delhi first because this is where we could reach fastest and eventually over the year we might like to expand in different cities. However, just to add to your question, we do a lot of freelance work, such as outstation wedding works, and because of this we have experienced different locations.

RP: Who are your target audience?

N&M: The entire women class is our target audience because what we have to offer is for every woman. We have treatments which will help women who are into their fifties and we also have treatments which will help teenage girls. We have whole big variations of services that we offer to our target audience.

RP: What is the price range of the services you offer?

N&M: There are different kinds of range because make-up anywhere starts from Rs 3500 to Rs 18000 and of course it goes up to Rs 25000 depending upon if we have to travel somewhere. However, it is difficult to give you certain amount for each thing because everything depends upon what is the need in the service.  

RP: Do you have your own cosmetic brand? If not, are you planning to launch it?

N&M: No, presently we don’t have our personal cosmetic brand, but we will be venturing into this business very soon. But as Neha is trained from Canada and I am trained from US and Paris, we do bring in lots of international experience in our studio, which is good enough to offer to the clients at the moment. 

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