Online venture has opened numerous options: Ishaan Sachdeva, Director, Alberto Torresi

In an exclusive interaction with Indian Retailer, Ishaan Sachdeva, Director of Alberto Torresi shares his views on online retail venture.
Online venture has opened numerous options: Ishaan Sachdeva, Director, Alberto Torresi

What was the rationale for you to take your retail venture online?

Our main motive towards the step that we have taken i.e., online venture is to maintain good connectivity with our customers; we don’t have any exclusive retail outlet so, I think it is a fantastic way to garner an enormous feedback from the customers. The online venture has opened numerous options for the customers to shop according to their convenience. The online portal is also a good integrator of what customers want in the market.

Do you feel online is giving you fast and good returns than physical stores? If yes, what are the other reasons for emphasizing on online?

The online thing is a new concept in India, and that is why it is experiencing a lot of growth, but in future it is going to plateau when the adjustments do come in. The same thing is observed when malls were launched and everybody thought that new high switched will disappear and everybody will go to the malls but after sometime when it stabilised now both the high switched , now everyone can see as both the high switched as well as the malls are doing the business. The third channel is the online, so I believe that for some more time the zoom would be there but after that it will give me a stable growth like the other ways and of course it is a one big advantage you see the online offers. It is difficult to replicate the own storage so even you can place it where you do not have your own store like, in the smaller cities you have a reach but I would say that both of them are important in their own way.

Are you targeting similar TG through your online and physical stores or you have separate target group for your online venture? Who are they?

As of now we are targeting the same TG, but yes we would be adding up few more product lines and that is something which we would like to experiment that what sort of products would do well with us, as well as we would plan to add more people to our TG. Through this website we would be experimenting but as of now we are targeting the same TG.

So far what has been the response from your Ecommerce venture?

It’s just 15 days that we have launched our website so it is very soon to comment on and I cannot go ahead and tell right now that it’s been good or bad. We just had to adapt even our system were not ready, the website had a lot of bug, so, it’s too soon to comment.

In a typical day what is your traffic plus conversion ratio?

It is something which is very soon to comment because we do not have that size of traffic as I said it’s just 15 days that we have launched our website.

Do you get more traffic during week-days than weekends?

We are getting mix response and it will be very difficult to differentiate between weekdays and weekend traffic as of now.

How you are tying up with Google or Facebook? How does the mechanism work with them?

Social media is playing a very important role and we are also taking a part in it. We already have a active dedicated Facebook page for Alberto Torresi which is already playing a major role in diverting traffic to our website and and also we will be starting out with the Facebook advertising soon. On the other for Google we will be focusing on the later stages.

Ishaan Sachdeva