Urban men are more style conscious
Urban men are more style conscious

Retailer Media in conversation with Rajiv Nair, Chief Executive Officer, Ceilo Future Fashion Limited.  

How your brand resonates with the needs of modern consumer?

Celio is a brand born in Paris, which is the international hub of fashion. Celio designs stand for “effortless style” as they are urban, understated and do not shout out loud for attention. Celio products are designed in Paris and produced around the globe and hence they have an international sensibility. Celio products are meant for the urban male who is today more concerned about his sense of style and is fitter and has a wider outlook to life beyond just his workspace.

How the consumer has changed towards your industry/ product in the last few years?

Celio has a good fan following as suggested by our Loyalty Programme data – Celio has a one-of-a-kind Mobile-based programme which is called the Celio Fantastic rewards programme. The Celio Fans (as we call them) represent 40% of repeat business. Celio is a fit and style driven brand and once a customer likes the fit and style he tends to be loyal. We have 167,000 members in our Celio fantastic rewards programme.

On an overall perspective, the attitude towards brands and fashion is changing. Young Indian men are more style conscious/ aware and understand global brands and trends better. They are no longer seeking me-too fashion and prefer to have a more distinctive style statement. More and more fashion orientated brands are eyeing the India market.

How is eCommerce as a market for fashion products?

eCommerce is booming in India but today it is not as much about style and fashion as much as convenience and price. Websites are promoting deals and not spending enough attention to selling wardrobes and lifestyles. I assume this will change very soon as profitability concerns will lead market places to innovate and differentiate. 

How physical distribution/ stores will change in your sector in the coming times?

There is surely a strong digital influence on stores. We, as retailers, have to engage the customers in the Mobile and Digital space which is part of the new universe. Our renovated stores have digital screens which livestream videos from Paris. We engage over 270K fans through Facebook. Our loyalty programme is mobile enabled and our mobile app directly interfaces with Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. The next step is enabling Omni Channel & eCommerce. So in short, a convergence of the Online and Offline worlds.

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