What Makes Roastea a One-Stop-Solution for Both Tea and Coffee Lovers
What Makes Roastea a One-Stop-Solution for Both Tea and Coffee Lovers

Incepted in 2019 Roastea was born from the need to provide customers with a wide selection of high-quality products tailored to their needs and preferences. The brand name, Roastea, combines the words ‘Roast’ and ‘Tea’ to signify its specialty coffee and tea products. 

From multinational corporations to public and private institutions, Roastea serves a variety of customers who rely on its no-cost, rental-based vending machines for their coffee and chai needs. 

“Our revenue is generated from the consumables, such as coffee, tea, and spices that our customers purchase and subscribe to on a monthly basis. Our vending machines offer over thirty-five types of beverages, including speciality coffees, filter coffees, and home-blended kadak chais and artisanal green teas, so Roastea is the place to get the best of both worlds,” stated Anurag Bhamidipaty, Co-Founder, Roastea.

The founder wanted employees to have the best beverage every day, further desiring that the corporates get the best out of the employee by ensuring a healthy beverage with wide choices and consistent taste. “We sought to provide the best tea to employees at a cost-effective price point, creating a mutually beneficial situation and making it a win-win for both employers and employees,” added Bhamidipaty.

The brand has undergone an exciting journey with year-on-year growth of 3-4 times every year for the last 3 years, being a profitable start-up. 

Options Galore

What Makes Roastea a One-Stop-Solution for Both Tea and Coffee Lovers

Roastea’s product range covers every form of beverage including filter coffee, cappuccino, tea, green tea as well as instant functional coffees. Moreover, the brand offers machines of all sizes, from high-capacity to MSME machines to large-format cafes and quick-serving kiosks, to meet all requirements. 

Constantly engaging in research and development to introduce new products, the brand currently is present in most categories namely- B2B2C, B2C, and D2C. Roastea, further offers a wide range of products through its cafes, ranging from premium food items for a sit-in dining experience to snacks and munchies. 

“We currently have around 750+ vending machines operational in 17+ locations across India and have adopted an aggressive expansion strategy. We expect to have around 850 vending machines by the end of FY 23 and increase our revenue by 4 to 5 times compared to FY 22,” asserted the founder.

Furthermore, the brand is targeting to have 2500 vending machines and 30 cafes and kiosks in 23 cities and 10 states by 2024, aiming to become a beverage connoisseur brand throughout the country and contribute to Aatmanirbhar Bharat.

Technology and Roastea

The Roastea Vending Machines are enabled with Internet of Things (IoT) technology and can be remotely accessed and monitored. This technology allows users to conveniently track the consumption rate of cups and beverages, determine the refill status of coffee and tea packets, and even get health reports for every vending machine. 
Moreover, the GPS location of each machine is easily traceable, which further enhances the convenience of the system. The Roastea IoT tech transmits crucial information to the Roastea tech dashboard, thereby ensuring the smooth operation of all the vending machines and guaranteeing operational excellence.

“Technological advancement is an ongoing process. We are committed to introducing innovative technology to the table in order to provide our customers with the best service possible: no downtime, fast response times, and cost-effective solutions. In the coming year, we plan to introduce a variety of new technologies that will enable us to serve our customers better than ever before,” stated Anurag Bhamidipaty.

Growth and Marketing

What Makes Roastea a One-Stop-Solution for Both Tea and Coffee Lovers

Roastea has witnessed remarkable Year-on-Year growth and compared to the previous year, it has seen a 3.5-fold increase in its growth, while still achieving profitability. The brand anticipates that this trend will continue in the coming year and is looking forward to furthering success.

Roastea currently sells through its own website, as well as market aggregators like Amazon and Flipkart. This allows the brand to reach a wider audience and take advantage of the existing infrastructure and customer base of these platforms. 

“Moving forward we are planning to expand our retail strategy to include social media sales. With the increasing popularity of social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, we believe that there is a significant opportunity for us to reach new customers and drive sales through these channels,” commented Bhamidipaty.

Supply and Distribution Chain

Roastea has its own branded consumables sourced from across the country and has established strong relationships with suppliers, who provide premium raw materials at competitive prices. 

The brand is headquartered in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, with additional branches in major Tier I cities. “Our tea leaves are sourced from Upper Assam and Kacchaar Garden regions, popular for their high quality and superior taste. Our coffee beans are procured from multiple estates located in the celebrated coffee-growing regions of Coorg and Chikmagalur, renowned for their unique flavors and aromas,” stated the founder.

He further added, “We understand that quality is paramount and are continuously striving to upgrade our supply and distribution chain in order to provide our customers with the best products and services that they deserve.”

In 2023, the brand’s focus for both product and marketing will be to expand its reach across all three verticals in more cities, as well as to target large corporate clients and premium outlets in high street markets. 

Future Plans

What Makes Roastea a One-Stop-Solution for Both Tea and Coffee Lovers

In 5 years, Roastea aims to be the largest brand in India in the B2B2C segment and the largest omnichannel company. 

The Company has set an ambitious growth target to achieve by FY 24, which entails expanding its vending machine and Roastea Outlets network. The Company aims to have more than 2500 vending machines, with an additional 20 or more Roastea Outlets.

This growth plan is expected to generate an annual revenue of Rs 55 Crore, representing a significant 4x growth in the size and scope of the Company's operations. To achieve this target, the Company has put in place substantial investments, set standards for maintaining operational excellence, and deployed a well-crafted strategy.

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