2D bar-coding benefiting high-end retail chains

Rafael Hernandez talks about retail technology.
2D bar-coding benefiting high-end retail chains

What are your latest offerings to modern retailers? And, how is it helping them in improving back end operations?

Honeywell is able to provide the broadest automatic data collection products to the retail industry. From printing a bar code label internally referenced when goods arrive directly from the supplier to different specialized bar code readers connected to the point of sale (POS) as well as reading quick and precisely at any orientation facilitating the labour of cashier. Not just that, Honeywell also offers hand held devices for replenishment orders, price verification, markdowns, line/queue busting, or returns.

Throw light upon few of your retail clients?

Honeywell covers the need of retailers in many different categories. Proof of that are our customers that include Target, 7Eleven, CostCo, Starbucks, Lowe´s, Adidas, Carrefour, Dia and Mercadona. All these companies are currently using our products both in-store or in their warehouses and distribution centres (DC´s)

Kindly elaborate how your services are beneficial to high end retail chains as well as small sized retailers?

Honeywell caters to both high end retail chains and small to mid-sized retailers. As many products they integrate in their supply chain higher will be the benefit. Obviously the bigger ones will benefit from economy of scale, but our product offer is accessible to any size of retailer, starting with a single on-stand bar code reader to the most sophisticated pick by voice system in a high rotation distribution centre.

So you target only big retail chains?

As mentioned above, Honeywell is well installed in not only several big, well known brands but also thousands of small shops worldwide are using Honeywell solutions.

What are the latest innovations in bar code technology that retailers can leverage?

Two dimension bar code is a trend now in retail due to the multiple benefits that it provides. 2D provides a lot of information rather than just a reference and this is used for a variety of applications, for instance it sends a personalized, promotional coupon.

By reading this coupon you can now find out who is buying, when and what products are they buying, in order to track the effectiveness of that promotion. Additionally, with Honeywell devices at any orientation, it can even read the code displayed on a mobile phone. This means, increased customer satisfaction and better business intelligence are the two main drivers of retailers today. 

Market is crowded with tech solution providers, what would you advise retailers who are looking to implement technology to improve productivity? What is the word of caution from your side?

Technology providers exist everywhere, some of them with very good performance. However, very few companies offer different technologies (bar code, connectivity anywhere through RFID, BT, LAN or WWAN, GPS, Voice) that are integrated in devices running through the entire supply chain of a retailer, from ordering to warehousing, from the warehouse to the shops, from the shelf to the cash or delivery at home with full proof of delivery (POD). If you also consider aspects like compatibility, scalability, service and investment for future, our answer is: take care, and be sure you consider all relevant aspects when selecting your suppliers

How are your services priced?

Honeywell provides a complete set of services from development, installation, support and maintenance, mainly through our net of specialized partners. Prices are offered on demand, and tailored according to customer needs.


Rafael Hernandez