A New Marketplace for South India!
A New Marketplace for South India!
Texvalley, Erode comes in an ‘all in one place’ - fibre to fashion packaging for traders and shoppers alike. P Raajshekhar, MD, Texvalley and C Devarajan, Vice Chairman, Texvalley share how the mall idea came into being.  
What kind of design innovation have you put in your mall?  
The corridors and shops are planned in a grid iron plan without cul-de-sac for easy way finding. Nine Atria of sizes varying from 10,000 sq ft to 1,000 sq ft are strategically located with maximum number of shops planned around them for better visibility. These atria act as breathing space allowing natural lighting and ventilation. These atria could also be used for promotional activities and kiosks. A 10-feet wide corridor all-over the building is for smooth flow of horizontal traffic.  
How did the idea of  launching a B2B mall come to you? 
In 2009, the ministry of Textiles, Government of India, sanctioned Power Loom Cluster under the Comprehensive Power Loom Cluster development scheme in Erode, Tamil Nadu. A diagnostic study showcased the need for an Integrated Textile Marketing Centre as a primary intervention. Based on a Public Private Partnership model, the plan to develop a modern textile trading hub is soon to be realised.
What are the unique features of this mall?
Daily Market: The perfect business address of the future with state-of-the-art facilities and highly enabled business support facilities, the Daily Market is a sprawling 11.5 lakh sq ft monolith of regular market days. This dedicated trade centre epitomises the very spirit of this region that made Erode the Textile Gateway of the South.
Weekly Market: This vast 4 lakh sq ft building is dedicated totally to the weekly traders of the region. Its strategic location and smart design gives a whole new meaning to the weekly sandy textile business of the region. 
International Convention Centre: A trendy 1 lakh sq ft convention centre is designed to make Erode a top destination for textile engagements from R & D to industrial Co-operation.  It will play host to trade fairs, large conferences and fashion shows too.  
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