Berghoff is a people's brand: Chairman Rafael Vanthoor

Chairman, Berghoff shares plans to venture into the kitchenware market in India.
Berghoff is a people’s brand: Chairman Rafael Vanthoor

Rafael Vanthoor, Chairman, Berghoff reveals plans to venture into the kitchenware market in India:

How do you perceive the market in India?

I think that the Indian market is a fast growing market. It is a perfect market. People in India have the buying potential, but at the same time, they are very price sensitive in nature.  Indian consumers have the right preference for quality products and that’s what we offer.

What will be your brand positioning strategy for India?

Our brand positioning for India would be from medium to medium high. That is, in terms of quality, our products would be high and in terms of pricing, our products would be available at affordable rates.

What kind of retail format would you adopt in India?

We have made an agreement with Franchise India Holdings Ltd. Franchise India would be representing our brand in India. At present, we are conducting market research and in one or two months, we will come up with the future plans.

What would be your strategy for entering the Indian market?

Together with Franchise India, we are planning to work out through different channels such as B2B (Business to Business), premium business and customer loyalty business.

Who would be your target group of audience in India?

Berghoff is a people’s brand. We have huge diversification of product categories. We will try to attract young people initially along with people from all the spheres of life. We have a portfolio through which we expect to reach most of the people.

Are you planning to customize your products according to the Indian market?

 Yes, that is why we are doing all the market research. We are going to have our European style and design, but at the same time, we are going to adapt according to the needs and demands of Indian customers. We don’t want to come to India with a European product and say this is what we offer you. Rather, we will customize our offerings according to the Indian tastes and preferences.

What is your strategy to compete with the existing brands?

We don’t have to worry about competing with the existing foreign brands. Talking about the local brands, it depends on the level of the brand and we are not targeting the lower level of the market. Besides, we are eyeing the medium level population.

Are you planning to venture in India through e-commerce?

Yes, definitely. We are planning to operate in India through an e-commerce model.

Do you plan to tie up with any e-commerce giant such as Flipkart, Amazon or Snapdeal?

Probably. Since Franchise India is now our partner and we will decide on the same together in the coming months. But we are definitely looking forward to operate through an e-commerce model.

Rafael Vanthoor