Bonita plans 25 exclusive stores

Invests Rs 25 crore in marketing and promotional strategies.
Bonita plans 25 exclusive stores


With changing times, the Indian consumers, specially the women are now looking at solutions for their homes which are quick, innovative and simple. The market in India has opened up for such products including laundry bags, storage bags and others as consumers are ready to spend. 

To make the house more organised, Bonita, a complete household solution provider has come up with products that will add comfort to the Indian homes.  

 In a conversation with Neha Singh, Umang Srivastava, Joint Managing Director, Casa Brands India, shares the growth strategy for the brand in coming years.

Neha Singh (NS): Kindly give a small brief about the brand and its presence worldwide.

Umang Srivastava (US): Bonita comes from the house of Casa Brands India Pvt Ltd and was envisioned to help Indian consumers experience convenience and comfort in their household work. We offer Pre and Post laundry solutions, home organisers and also perfect storage solutions. This attribute comes from our parent company Aristos Creations, which is the preferred partner for all major American and European brands in this category. We are associated with all leading international brands in this category who are leaders in their respective countries. The response about the brand in US has been very good and we are launching the brands under the same brand name which will also cater to the South American Market.

NS: India is completely different market when it comes to home products. How are marketing and promoting the brand?

US: We have a marketing budget of Rs 25 crore which will be invested in various ATL and BTL activities targeted at both product promotion and consumer awareness. We also plan to launch Television Commercial soon and the media plan includes TV, radio and an aggressive print campaign across India. The brand is also active at digital advertising which have helped them grow their presence. We will be promoting the brand’s USP which lies in simple yet workable products.

NS: What are the company’s existing and future retail plans?

US: Today, Bonita is already present across 500 dealer stores across India. Bonita is planning to expand in the South, North and West India markets respectively in that order. We plan to be present in all major cities through houseware stores and in 10 major cities through our own brand store by May 2013. The number of Bonita brand stores is expected to increase to 25 stores by end of 2013.

NS: What is the approximate minimum area for an outlet/selling point for each home segment?

US: A minimum area of 400 – 600 sq ft is what we are looking at for exclusive Bonita stores. This will be a complete bonita store with all its products under one display.

NS: Who do you consider your competition and what strategies are you adopting to deal with the same?

US: Today, our only competitors are the unorganised players but the fact remains that they are not really a competition to us. Though in future, we will have many competitors as the home product category is one of the most demanded and growing category today.

But we are positive about our products which are innovative and will take care of future category and competitors as well.

Umang Srivastava