"Categories will see a large amount of focus on exploiting the digital medium"
As far as our sectors are concerned, the movement of the customers to access information, make informed choices and be able to transact, a large amount of decision making is going to happen through the digital media. This, therefore, will have an impact both on eCommerce and brick-and-mortar players like us.
Because, we need to have digital strategy in place, which takes care of the information gathering on the product, and information seeking, in terms of comparing and taking final decisions.
A lot of things will happen through the digital medium, largely through the mobile phones. Therefore, we need some core strategy in exploring opportunities that this medium will create. Not just for transaction, but for information and for influencing customer’s choices, or helping the customers in making those choices.
Ours is anyway going to be more focused on connecting better movement of customers’ interaction through various digital formats, not just through our eCommerce site, it can include platforms like eCommerce, it can be Internet, it can be through e-mailer, through SMSes, it can be through interactive channels like social media, blogs, etc, and also through the integrative environment between the offline and online. So, that’s what we are currently working on and that is what we will see in 2015.
Trends that will impact retail in 2015
I think there are going to be two or three trends. First, across the entire retail, the impact of digital will be very clearly seen.
Second, we are going to see a large number of retailers trying to focus on individual, unit level profitability, and with that, other retailers will see a large number of retail footprint expansions.
Largely, it is going to be focus on the unit-level profitability.The third trend that we are going to see is that the retail players will try to use the digital medium and the online players will also try to work out their strategies to improve their connect with customers in the physical retail space.
On the brand side, across categories will see a large amount of focus on exploiting the digital medium. And the last part is that we will also see the impact of the new technology, we will also see good amount of traction building for retail and that will directly have an impact on the industry growth, but at the same time, we will also see a large number of devices, mobile phones and tablets coming in improving connectivity. 
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