Colours of success
Colours of success

The recently opened Pink Gold, houses Prêt and couture collections by leading Indian designers. With the concept of multi-label designer stores on the rise, we decided to catch up Tavishi Gupta, the entrepreneur behind the concept.

Neha Malhotra (NM): How did the idea for Pink Gold come up? Why the name ‘Pink Gold’?

Tavishi Gupta (TG): The perfect designers need a perfect hub. So became the quest for the store and the name. I found that among all names that came to me, ‘Pink Gold’ seemed perfect. The name signifies the purity and colour as ‘Pink Gold’ signifies coloured gold. The store is full of bright, fresh and young apparel and accessories.

NM: There are many multi designer stores. How is Pink Gold different?

TG: All multi designer stores work with on the same principle, which of giving a platform to the designers who do not have their own retail space. Pink Gold works on the same principle. Through the store, we are promoting young and fresh designers, most of who are not in Delhi market at all.  Most designers will also retail exclusively through our store only.

NM: How do you plan to tackle competition?

 TG: We are keeping our store to have very wearable clothing which is achieved by few other stores only.

NM: Which designers have you tied-up with?

TG: We have tied up with Divya Anand, Rahul Mishra, Krishna Mehta, Hidden Harmony, Radhika Jha, Gaia, Plum Tree and Creative Designs.

NM: Are the collections in sync with one another or do they display individualistic styles?

 TG: Our entire collection is in sync with each other yet having their individual sensibility in terms of style, design, and kind of fabrics they use.

NM: Who are your target audience? How do you plan to reach out to them?

TG: Our target audience are those who understand our fabrics and simplicity of our garments. We plan to reach out through direct marketing and advertorials in newspapers and magazines.

NM: How much business do you wish to garner from your target clientele?

TG: We see about 70 per cent of our business coming from these audiences.

NM: Brand loyalty is a facet which is significant with the youth. How do you work towards creating this amongst them?

TG: Brand loyalty comes with quality and customer service. We wish to provide both at the fullest.

NM: What are your future plans?

TG: Moving ahead, we wish to rank amongst the top rated retail stores in India.


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