Egoss carving a niche in men's footwear range

In an exclusive conversation with Ravinder Bhatia Founder EGOSS highlights how men's shoes category is evolving and adopting international trends.
Egoss carving a niche in men's footwear range

Egoss is a footwear brand available across India. The company brings premium leather shoes designed with top-notch components to its customers in the men's category. 

Kindly highlight the journey of your brand? How much growth you have scaled so far?

Egoss has evolved immensely over the years.  When in 2001 (comfort technology provided by sole studs) was designed by the same team, market wasn't ready for it. However, it was amusing to see the same technology hitting the market a decade later. Thus proving, the foresightedness of the team. Like every brand in the market, there is always inspiration from the European markets however the core value to deliver something different hasn't changed. From a strong player in only comforts, we have grabbed a strong hold on formals, chappals and slip-ons. Our Target audience is expanding and includes a large group of younger audience with change in design strategy. 

1992- Founding year for the team, manufacturing for other brands.

1995- Egoss team begins manufacturing under Mudtrail, Modanna, Marvella etc. 

2001- Team expansion and production. 

2005- Team scraps all brands and relaunches and rebrands with Egoss.

2010-Egoss Plus

2014- Jootis

2016-Egoss Premium

Keeping in mind the growing customer preferences, what’s your onmi-channel strategy?Is booming e-commerce an opportunity? What’s your online pivot?

Egoss caters to all age groups - from the modern working man to the comfort your grandfather seeks going further to college going students. Our strategy has always been very basic, to meet the fashion needs of all customers by providing them with the latest technology (yes handcrafting has technique advancements) and best design. We have always been a futuristic brand and with the development of technology and evolution of people's lifestyle, e-commerce is a very potential market for all brands. 

What all innovations have been introduced by the company this year – in terms of design, customer loyalty, technology, among others. 

This year has been a year of introducing new technology in the footwear industry. Egoss is a very dynamic brand. Egoss stretch on one hand focussed on technology whereas with Egoss Premium our focus is on customisation helping us meet the customers every need when it comes to design. 

Egoss stretch aims to bridge the gap between glamour & comfort. This collection is unique as it promises equal comfort as your runners. The shoe stretches and takes up the size of your feet giving you the desired comfort you look for in a shoe. 

On the other hand, the launch of Egoss Premium allows the trendy Indian man to personalise his shoes, boots and juttis from scratch. This leads to customer satisfaction like no other. 

What all opportunities do you see going ahead?

With growing fashion trends, I see great opportunities for Egoss as a pioneering brand in the footwear industry. 

Egoss intends to work with niche designers. There is great talent out there, and we would love to associate ourselves with young designer brands like Mr. Fox. Currently we are curating a whole new line for the brand. Excited to work with more young talent like him. 

Kindly throw light upon your expansion plans?

Our upcoming collections will emphasize more on fashion influenced audience with premium collections. Our consumers can also expect some collaboration with a fashion influencer, which makes upcoming projects more exciting. 

Due to demonetization, our future growth strategy involves a lot of challenges however the biggest challenge will be of delivering the same quality products and managing costs.

It will be exciting to see if the market sways towards more premium or cost effective products. 

Ravinder Bhatia Founder EGOSS