Growing demand for home fragrance

Petricor Fragrances plans to introduce new fragrances shortly.
Growing demand for home fragrance

Petricor Fragrances is the niche perfume retailer in home category.  The brand has rich portfolio of premium brands like French  Les Lumieres Du Temps and Branche d’  Olive, the Japanese brand Art Lab along with Breathe, and many more. In a recent exclusive conversation, Rishi Raj, Founder, Petricor Fragrances highlights while working in Indian market:

What is your take on present fragrance market in India?

In India, home fragrance market is still at its nascent stage in comparison to international markets. However, this is changing rapidly as the concept of aromas and fragrances is being accepted by Indian consumer.

Many of our customers are seasoned travellers and travel across the globe. This gave them the exposure to international luxury brands and products in home fragrances. Although many such customers when they return to India are restricted with a good selection of home fragrance products or are forced to pay a high premium for substandard products. There is this insatiable appetite for luxury and lifestyle products in our country and home fragrance products is, one such segment that has huge potential for growth.

How do you differentiate home and beauty market in fragrance category? How do you see these two markets growing separately? 

Beauty fragrances are stronger whereas the home fragrances are meant to be a bit subtle and work in the background of your living space. Most of us decorate our homes with our personal, specific taste in mind, and our home becomes an extension of our personality.

Are your offerings restricted to home segment or you also cater beauty (skin care) segment? If yes, why so?

Petricor Fragrances offers premium home fragrances. With this conviction, Petricor Fragrances brings to you some of the most luxurious brands and fragrances from countries such as France, U.K, Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong and hope that the consumers will love the selection of our home fragrances as much as we do.

Our offerings are only for the home segment as we feel that is a general dearth of premium home fragrances available to the Indian consumers.

What is the USP of your brand, and who falls in your target group?

Providing a range of handpicked luxury brands and home fragrances under one roof from across the globe is what we intend to offer our customers. Customers constantly seek quality and luxury. Our home fragrance products are not only meant for your own living and workspace but can also be given as a very thoughtful gift to your loved ones. Our exquisite packaging makes our products some of the most sought after gifts for Weddings, Baby Showers, Seasonal Gifts like Diwali and Christmas and a lot more.


What are your strategies to promote your latest offering? And, how you plan to increase the distribution?

Being in the luxury segment of the industry we wish to partner with a select few retail stores that understand and share similar passion for quality and luxury. Currently, our products are available on our online store at our online store and a few select premium stores in Mumbai and plan to add our retail presence in other cities soon. We are also very active on social networking sites

Presently, we have 40 sale points, which is growing quite rapidly.


What are your growth plans? What new products you are planning to launch in near future?

Our vision is to become a leading provider of Luxury Home Fragrances and related products from international luxury brands from across the globe in India. It is our constant endeavor to launch and innovate newer brands, scents and products in luxury home fragrances for the Indian consumer.


Rishi Raj