Home furnishing moves towards fashion: Aman Bahl, MD, NUR
Home furnishing moves towards fashion: Aman Bahl, MD, NUR

Aman Bahl, Managing Director, NUR-Home furnishings, expresses his views on the home furnishing industry at the launch of the new flagship store of NUR.

What is the concept behind this brand?

The idea behind this brand is to look at India's rich traditional cultural heritage in terms of textiles, and then interpret them in a different way.

How far do you see the responses as there is a lot of competition in this field?

There will always be competition, but you have to see the other side as well. You have to be honest in what you are doing. And if you are different enough in doing something, then I think, you can keep improving it for better. Rest other things will take care of itself.

What is your strategy in dealing with the emerging trends and existing online furnishing competitors?

Our strategy is simple. We need to be true to our look and create a signature, which should appeal to the people or masses. We are not doing something that has been done, rather we are trying to creating something different.

As you already have your own website, do you have plans to tie up with some other websites?

Yes, but as of now, we are trying to get more visibility for the brand, both through online as well as brick and mortar. We have got two stores in Delhi and we also have franchise operations in Ahemdabad. In the beginning, when people are getting familiar with the brand, they want to touch and feel it. For that, we have plans to set up stores in every metro. Once the brand gains significant acceptance, then consumers can easily come to our online store and buy online.

What is the current trend in home furnishing space?

Over the years, home furnishing has moved towards fashion. Home is where they spend a lot of time, so people are willing to change their home furnishing, keeping in mind the changing fashion. The current trend in home furnishing is all about experimenting with the existing products, adding new upholstery, new accessories and cushions.

What is your pricing strategy?

I believe that we do great designs, so it is very difficult to segment our brand as expensive or affordable.

What are your expansion plans?

Yes. We have expansion plans, but as we now, we are focused towards this new store. We will use this time to promote our brand and expand our product category. Besides, we are very happy with where we are heading. Also, we are looking to make our products better from time to time. We are also planning some new offerings for our kids section, which will be launched in the design event.

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