to go deep into Indian Fashion to go deep into Indian Fashion
Indian traffic forcing to go deep into Indian Fashion Retailer talks to the enthusiastic fashion e-tailer, Rahul Narvekar, Founder & CEO,, who intends to leverage the regional and local brands through his online venture to tap eCommerce to the fullest.  
Starting from inception till date, what are the milestones that you have achieved? 
• We have sold the single
largest apparel order in eCommerce history- 
Rs 19 lakhs, prepaid, online. 
• We have scaled from 
5.5 crores to 61 crores.
• We have helped artisans sell their products at a fair price by eliminating the middle man such as the entire Ramayana - handpainted on a saree.   
How difficult or easy it is to deliver Indian ethnic dresses to the end consumers? 
It varies from dress to dress. Some are off the rack, some get made to order. Managing the expectations of consumers versus making the vendors understand time commitments is the tough part, but its changing. For a lot
of artisans and designers, SCALE is a challenge.
How much technology adoption is required in your day-to-day business operation? 
We are on ERP from day one. Having said that we are working on automating a significant layer of our daily processes as also help create an eco system where we help smaller brands understand and leverage technology to scale.
Who are your payment gateway solution providers and how much valid is the strategy of outsourcing payment gateway to the third party?
We have paypal and 2CO as also payu and CC avenue. We also are working on enhancing this offering. 
Brief us about your supply chain and fulfilment centres.
Currently, we have one fulfilment centre but are in the process of setting up regional fulfilment centres across the country. 
How do you position your brand in India and abroad? 
We are about ‘Indian Fashion’.  
What is your price proposition for your products abroad? And what is the demand like? 
We are about fair prices and price is what the brand offers as MRP in respective markets. Demand is huge 
but one thing I have learnt in eCommerce since 2009 is that ‘supply creates its own demand’.  
Any plan to expand product portfolio, marker expansion or upgrading to omni-channel?
While so far we were focused on international markets, we got
pleasantly surprised with the traffic and orders from India with negligible marketing. This year we are focusing on expanding the offering on site as also going deeper into India.
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