Numero Uno is looking forward to increase geographically, key cities would be in South and East: Narinder Singh Dhingra

In an exclusive conversation with Narinder Singh Dhingra, CMD, NUCL shed light on denim wear market in India.
Numero Uno is looking forward to increase geographically, key cities would be in South and East: Nar
Kindly highlight the current denim market in India? How do you see this market to grow in next five years?
The denim segment has always reigned as one of the leading segments in the fashion industry. The blue denim has been a wardrobe staple and a fashion essential for decades. Despite a slowdown in apparel exports and domestic market growth, the denim market in India is clocking a consistent CAGR of 15% – 18% per year. Denim is also witnessing the fastest growth rate as an apparel fabric. The current installed capacity of almost 1,200 million meters is expected to increase to 2,000 million meters in next three to four years owing to the huge demand for the fabric.
Kindly highlight the journey of your brand to Indian market? Also highlight your key learning and challenged faced?
Numero Uno’s strategy right from the start has been to build up the brand and not only the product. It was not only about giving a good price but also delivering good quality, fashion and a perfect fit. The idea was to make the customer feel fashionable. We have tried to grow without stretching ourselves  too much. Keeping in mind the failure of other brands, we have tried to minimize mistakes at every level. Acknowledging that it is an inevitable part of the process—brands come and go— we did our level best to learn from the competitors’ mistakes and never repeat it. Everyone has their own ways to go about product positioning and marketing. Our USP is to provide quality product at par with the best brand of the world.  Maybe we don’t make very high-end denims with crystals and leather patches, but we are also not basic five-pocket denim. We always have something new and more to give to the customers.”
Kindly highlight your current retail spread. How you are looking to spread the network?






Total number of doors, the brand is present in (on date)





Total number of EBOs

200 Plus

Total number of SISs


Total number of MBOs

600 Plus





Numero Uno is looking forward to increase geographically, key cities would be in South and East.
Throw light on your operational categories. Which category is churning better results for you?
Denims are our core strength, however we have over the last few seasons hugely improved on the shirts and jacket categories. They have huge potential and are giving good numbers to us.
Did you see any impact of note-ban in your EOSS sale this season?
Post-demonetisation had a huge impact on EOSS, since November is the month when EOSS happen which contributes extensive earnings to the dealers. 
What is the status on Numero Uno IPO? When we can expect the company to go in public listing?
We cannot comment as of now. 
Brands like Levi’s are market leader in denim category. Do you see them as your competition?
These days denim brands are doing a lot of personalization in their product offerings to give personal touch to its patrons. What is Numero Uno’s strategy on same?
We make our denims keeping the requirement of our customer in mind. There are plenty of options available that suit individual needs. To give an added benefit to the customer we have started a denim personalisation studio at our flagship store in CP. The store will have everything required to personalise denim. One can get any number of accessories, patchwork, damage and repair, A Japanese inspired BORO rip and repair technique. The highlight of this studio is a laser machine that can tattoo anything on a pair of denim.
Narinder Singh Dhingra