Our bags should definitely be appealing to Indians,says Christophe Kapusta,Jamin Puech Paris
Our bags should definitely be appealing to Indians,says Christophe Kapusta,Jamin Puech Paris
Jamin Puech Paris, a well-known French luxury designer brand, is entering India with a strategy to offer refine niche designers’ bags and allied products. In a candid conversation, the dynamic CEO of the brand, Christophe Kapusta, highlights the design philosophy and craftsmanship of the brand. 
Why did you think of launching Jamin Puech Paris in India?  
There are two main reasons. First, our presence in Asia, and particularly in Japan and China, is getting wider via EBOs and MBOs, and this is the rational for us to keep expanding in the region. Also, we believe the exclusive and refine design of our bags should definitely be appealing to Indian clientele, who are very sensitive to seek refined fashion products. 
What would be the retail format of stores for your brand in India?
Primarily, it is important for us to observe the reaction here in India, and we need first, a partner who understands our work and has the ability to narrate our ‘story’ to the consumers. This is why we believe, it would be wise to start with key exclusive select shops, specialised in refined clothing and fashion accessories. Therefore, EBOs should probably come later, once the potential is validated.
What is the market potential for you in India and how are you going to position yourselves?  
The world is small and the clientele for our products priced between $800 - $1500, travels a lot to places, including Paris, Tokyo and Shanghai, where our bags have been receiving very good response. Therefore, the price positioning should be aligned with other markets too.
Which city and what location are you looking at, to start your flagship store in India?
It seems our main potential is major wealthy cities, especially Delhi and Mumbai.
How do you see the competition from local market and who forms yourtarget customer?
For the reasons I just mentioned above, we do not see ourselves competing with the big luxury brands. Our clientele probably understands better the work of a niche refine brand, and certainly appreciates the difference from other brands. And from discussions I had with retailers here in India, our type of work would be quite unique in the market. 
Would you employ designers from Paris or you are going to hire Indian designers?
Everything will be designed in Paris by Benoit Jamin, and the products developed and finalised with our partner craftsmen at workshops.
What kind of customisation strategies will you apply in India?
This is definitely a possible and easy option for us, as we control the whole design - manufacturing process. But this being said, according to the ‘tests’ we made, it seems the existing line should be ready to meet a great success among Indian audience.
What would be your retail offerings in India, besides your leather bags? 
Our product offerings will be finely crafted leather bags and related fashion accessories. The point of sales will be the opportunity to tell the true story of our designer, Benoit Jamin, and his design philosophy, and the incredible craftsmanship work that each of our bags involves (2 to 9 days of work per bag).
We would also take our consumers to a ‘journey’ through our exclusive workshops and let them know how the material and colour choices are made. 
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