Our motto is to conquer Bengaluru: Trroche

We aim to increase the engagement of the consumer from a franchisee with the prerequisites measures such as quality, service and price, says Santhosh HJ, CEO & Founder, Trroche.com.
Santhosh HJ, Trroche.com, Jagadeesh Kumar HS, logistics supply, supply chain management

Years of experience along with the zeal to serve consumers good quality product has inspired Santhosh HJ to start his venture Troche.com that retails in the Hyper-local category. In a candid chat, he reveals more about his pillar of strength, his father- Jagadeesh Kumar HS, Chairman, Troche.com and more.

What inspired you to start trroche.com?
I owe to my father who is the sole source of inspiration for me starting this venture. My father HS Jagadeesh Kumar has pursued engineering from Siddaganga Institution of Technology. With the source of inspiration and inheritance attributes of my father in his grocery food grain business, I started my wholesale food grain business soon I was done with my studies.

I have been a wholesale merchant and I know the need and demand of grains and food products in the market. As our nation is transforming to digitalised model of concept, I wanted to bring technology into my business, which will help me reach a wider consumer base. With Trroche.com, I will be able to deliver best products and value to money along with quality service. Trroche.com is just one of the future steps in business with many others to follow.

The hyper-local retail segment is presently messed up. Why do you feel you will make a difference?
As one of the authors said, winners don’t do different things, they do things differently. We will increase the engagement of the consumer from a franchisee with the prerequisites measures such as quality, service and price.

How do you plan to arrange your logistics, distribution and warehousing?
Logistic plays a great role in our business model.  The products like staples, food grains, sugar etc. are directly purchased from their respective factories; vegetables are brought from the fresh farmers. The products are dumped to our centralised warehouse which are then segregated, sorted, cleaned, hand-picked, processed and then packed. The packed products are distributed to respective franchisees which will act as hubs. Based on their orders and prerequisites, goods are delivered by franchisees with the territorial regions given to them.

Who are the merchants you have associated with?
We always prefer not tie-up with merchants. Rather, we hail kirana goods and branded products directly from factories and vegetables are brought fresh from farmers every day.

What technology implementation you have incorporated in place?
As a basic need for an eCommerce, we have a well-organised and customer friendly website with simple and attractive user interface. Payment gateway (PayUMoney) allows the customer to choose his required mode of payment along with COD and Swipe on Delivery (Credit/Debit card). Soon the process from collecting order, packing of ordered items and overall packing of individual customer’s order shall be automated.

We also have orders which can be taken through calls through the toll free numbers. We also have customer assistance booths in which customers can call/chat to fix their queries.

How many cities you are going to cater?
Initially we would like to establish our brand in silicon city Bengaluru with the core marketing and then we have plans to enter Tier II cities. But our major motto is to conquer Bengaluru.

How many SKUs you are going to have?
We have 2,000 plus SKUs. Since we serve good quality products and best affordable prices, we target all kind of people those who are in need of Quality, Price and Service.

Santhosh HJ