Pepe plans to double its footprint

Consumers in Tier-II towns are more fashion conscious.
Pepe plans to double its footprint

For over a decade, Pepe Jeans has carved its niche in the Indian market with its distinctive communication strategy of the streets of London. And, its products are popular in both Tier-I and II towns, and the company has chalked out an aggressive expansion strategy over the next few years. In conversation with Sweta Pal, Neha Shah, Manager – Marketing, Pepe Jeans India, shared their strategy to succeed here.

Sweta Pal (SP): Pepe Jeans is well established in both Tier-1 and II cities. Kindly explain your strategy?

Neha Shah(NS): When we began our operations here, the retail sector was completely unorganized, in contrast to the other global markets. We faced several challenges including lack of awareness for western clothing and we chalked out a strategy, to localise our designs and style, relevant for our target audience here. The primary target audience for Pepe Jeans are 16-28 years, both male and female, and present in the high-end SEC A and higher income segment. Apart from that, our target consumers are also brand and fashion conscious, and interested in sports and music. We initially entered Tier-II towns via multi-brand outlets and as our products got acceptance, we opened exclusive brand stores in both Tier-I and II cities. Pepe Jeans is currently present across 81 cities in the city and we are hoping to double our presence, over the next few years.

SP: Please throw light on how you ensure your designs and collections are relevant for the Indian market?

NS: Our designs and styles are broadly international in nature, but modified for the consumer’s shape and size here.  We also use stretch fabrics as it helps our consumers to look much slimmer and feel comfortable, with our products.

SP: Please elaborate on your advertising and marketing strategy?

NS: Our marketing and advertising strategy reinforces Pepe Jeans’ position as a premium casual wear brand, and influenced by the streets of London. As part of that strategy, we have tied up with popular music channels to reach the youth, and we also use hoardings in several cities, and advertisements in leading fashion magazines. In addition, we have promotions from time to time, including our ‘Timeless Offer, which offers exciting Pepe items for purchase above a certain amount.

SP: Is e-retail an important distribution network for you. Also, elaborate on your social media strategy?

NS: We retail our products via several e-commerce web sites like Myntra, Flipkart, Homestop18, Jabong.  Pepe Jeans India launched its Facebook page just a year ago and we have a fan base of more than 3.8 lakh.

Neha Shah