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Pure online will not work in India says TataCLiQ CTO Sauvik Banerjjee

In an exclusive conversation with Sauvik Banerjjee, Vice President- Tata Industries- Digital Initiatives, Advisory to Group Co's and CTO of TataCLiQ sheds light on how technology is helping the brand.

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BY Shipra Srivastava  |  September 06, 2017  |  comments ( 0 )  | 
Pure online will not work in India says TataCLiQ CTO Sauvik Banerjjee
Sauvik Banerjjee

E-commerce is itself a technology driven mechanism. So in which area of e-retail do you see the increasing role of technology in the time to come?

E-commerce is a frame work and just pure technology. It’s hybrid between retail and technology. There is plethora of products and softwares which make the e-commerce platform run. However, I would say ‘Analytics’ is biggest driver when it comes to e-commerce business. I think the role of Analytics going to became far advanced in the time to come. Without Analytics we are unable to launch any offer, merchandise, any campaign either digital or TV. The whole functionality depends on hour by hour and minute by minute Analytics detailing.

Being an online retailer you have an advantage of enormous pool of consumers’ data. Do you think such feature gives you an edge over offline retail?

In Indian context, offine is as important as online. Even offline retailers have fair amount of Data. In fact, I would say that the hybrid model is a successful model in India. Brick and mortar culture is prevalent and is here to stay. India is never going to become completely online. Fundamentally, offline and online marriage is the hybrid data and that will be the most disruptive operating model in the time to come.

Are you suggesting TataCLiQ will have offline store as well?

Yes that could be a possibility in future, but no such plans as of now.

After e-commerce the m-commerce is a buzz word. How relevant and important for e-retailers to go m-commerce?

There is a wave of smartphone culture in India. We at TataCLiQ see 70 to 80 percent of our conversions happen via mobile website and apps. Only 15% is our desktop traffic. The same goes with all e-trailers and just not with TataCLiQ.

Personalisation’ is the key growth driver in the e-commerce business. How TataCLiQ is leveraging from technology to boost personalization aspect?

In present scenario personalization is the key across all retail categories whether lifestyle, electronics, footwear or jewellery  or accessories . These are the core retail categories where big market places such as Flipkart and Amazon are betting big.  There are many personalization engines which are extremely important right from browsing to discover to convert. So, browse, discover, conversion are the key elements of personalization.

The end consumer can be logged in or non- logged in user. As I see personalization becomes extremely challenging for non logged in user. We at TataCLiQ look at both aspect.  In fact, we do it in far bigger way and very shortly we are going to launch a hyper personalization model based on user preferences, customer 360 and the marriage with core categories.

Our hyper personalization model will be based on pin codes, brands preference, demographic preference, behavioral preference and consumers’ physiographic. Hence, we would showcase personalized brands of their likes and drive experiences what they want including the entire post order journey is personalized.  In the personalization space there is a lot of machine learning, algorithm which are getting written and we are also working towards it.

There are certain categories like Fashion where the role of technology is going to be very bigger because. Even on TataCLiQ we have seen virtual trials? What new is happening from technology’s side to increase the engagement?

Fashion retail has been behind for long time. Retailer such as Net a Porter and Burberry are redefining the entire fast fashion  in terms of technology. And, we are following the similar model.

Can you name one technology that has changed the game for TataCLiQ?

There are many I cannot pick-up one. There are around 15 odd technologies that are running for innovation purposes whether is analytics, machine learning, shipping, etc.

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Memorable Vulnerable Tech disaster:  loosing customers’ data without protection

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One technology that will rule the future: the recognition facility whether facial, eye tracking, finger printing, etc.

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