Recreating retail design
Recreating retail design

Young Urban Professionals, a name that says it all. It is a fresh new perspective, a string attached to the real consumers in the real world, and a no-nonsense attitude towards work. Amit Vatta, Managing Director , Young Urban Professionals Pvt. Ltd talks about the new venture. 

Neha Malhotra (NM): Can you brief us about YUP, its growth and inception?
Amit Vatta (AV):
YUP stands for Young Urban Professionals, a company well explained by its name. A Myth goes that printers are the designers. A design is just not a mere visual addition to one’s brand; rather it is about brand communication. Brand design conveys the personality of the brand to the consumers and therefore, should be well thought-out, innovative and appealing. 

YUP wants to tap all the industries which are using print as their medium to promote their products. This will include all the marketing collaterals, advertisement etc. Starting with brand identity YUP is set to deliver 360 degree communication for its brands. 

YUP has recently made its presence in the telecom industry with the distributorship of high-end blackberry handsets for Jalandhar region. Also, the company understands the role that technology pays in today’s world and has therefore, focused itself in the technology industry by bringing the Apple products i.e. Mac machines and Mac notebooks in the region. 

NM: What are the products and services available for the retail sector?
The retail sector in India is booming and people are now getting aware about various brands and their offerings. They are now open to changes. At this stage it is very important to keep in mind the consumer’s psychology and provide them with services that allow them to explore, create, and differentiate. This would only come through experience. Therefore, the strategy is to set-up experience zone which will work as retail cum experience outlet in the region for the products company one is associated with.  

NM: What constitutes the core strengths of your company?
We see to it that our designs are simple, effective and consumer-centric. We have a strong understanding of the customer, their needs and the latest technology. The strengths of the company are the creative guys who give any brand a visual communication which conveys the personality of the brand to the consumers.  

NM: Customisation is the key word today. How do you ensure that the customer gets what he wants?
To understand your customer is of prime importance. We make sure that we adapt ourselves to the changing income profiles, consumption patterns and demographics of the consumer. We come up with simple innovative ideas and solutions. To give you an example of what we are doing with one of our other verticals is to give the customer (or end user) the area where one can get satisfied with the product before he/she buys it and we named it as ‘experience zone’. This is the customised retail model which the company doesn’t have it; we proposed it and we got the approval.  

NM: How has Indian retail design industry evolved over the years?
The market in India has opened up to the world and today it is one of the largest sectors. It generates employment after agriculture. With numerous international brands venturing into the Indian soil, time has come to market the Indian brands too. People have more choice and are open to experiment now. Every brand has to make a huge impact on the consumer’s mind in order to stay ahead in this competitive market. 

Retail design now provides much more than the typical wall graphics, in-store displays and signages. The availability of technology the designers are now helping marketers and retailers to create unique experiences that connect with customers at a deeper, emotional level.

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