Sensuality is a state of mind'
Sensuality is a state of mind'

Having started in 2011, in Bangalore, Aviraté has observed strong demand for western fashion wear for women in India, and hence, strengthened its product repertoire. In a candid conversation, Jahid Osman, MD, and Rahul Gupta COO of Aviraté, speak about the brand’s journey in the country.

Since 2011 till now, how has been your retailing experience in India?

We feel the country has the advantage of having large number of international brands entering the market, which is helping in improving the quality consciousness of consumers as well. Also, customers are more aware of what they need to buy. This is putting forth a strong challenge on all the brands to improve their brand experience, service and brand proposition.

The emergence of online retailing has expanded the market to reach out to the growing aspirations of the middle class segment as well. If we look back, we started with Bangalore in 2011. The city is a cosmopolitan market, where our brand is very well accepted and has seen a tremendous growth.

How retailing is different in India than Sri Lanka and other countries you are present in?

India is far more organised than Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is still an emerging retail market. We are also available in North America and Europe. Germany and Canada is far more evolved, and with our brand being successful in core western markets, we have a heads up in emerging markets like India.

In India, who is your target group of customers?

Our target group of customers are ladies, who appreciate quality, are fashion conscious, well travelled and who have had exposure to global fashion.

As there are lot of foreign labels entering the country, how do you define the existing retail market for such brands? Can all co-exist?

All the international brands coming to the country are creating new opportunity for the market to expand. These brands are actually helping customers in aspiring for more, as well as increasing the overall market potential.

From consumers point of view, a lot of them who were scouting abroad for unique global brands are now getting these brands in India. Each of these brands is bringing their unique offerings to the customers. With larger women workforce, the wallet size of the customer is increasing. There is a whole new aspiration which is emerging and being created by these brands.

We feel, each brand needs to carve out their niche to co-exist in the market. Work on a comparative advantage and deliver a higher customer experience.

How do you find the domestic apparel brands? Do they form your competitors?

The domestic brands have been delivering some great experience and products to the customer. But as the customers are exposed to global fashion now, their aspirations are benchmarked against global giants. They have a demand for a greater value.

From a share of wallet, yes! Everyone has their own space. So, as a business we look at the share of consumer spends/wallet. But what we intend to do is to give a key differentiator in our product offerings. ‘Dresses’ being our key product, a larger number of women are choosing to dress-up for every occasion.

If no, then how do you differentiate your products?

By providing outstanding retail experience, service levels and merchandise offering.

‘Avirati’, meaning sensuality, how do you keep the ‘sensual’ element present in your apparel lines?

In our businesss, we define sensuality as a ‘State of mind’ that makes the person confident of herself and is an expression that best delivers the innate womanhood evident in the recesses of her mind. A woman feels extremely confident and is able to express herself best, when the clothes she is wearing expresses her personality and captures her individuality in equal measures.

Sensuality is a physical expression of ‘grace’ that is an integral part of every woman. Aviraté is that fashion empowerment the woman uses, to bring out the most defining aspect of her personality. Sensuousness- it isthe bridge that helps her deliver her inner beauty to the outside world. 

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