Shortly launch apps for m-commerce segment

Strong emphasis on improving customer experience online
Shortly launch apps for m-commerce segment

The e-retailer is a leading player in the lifestyle segment with over 5.5 million members across 1,200 locations in India, and to improve the customer experience online, it has recently partnered with Akamai Technologies.

 In a conversation, Prashant Shivankutty, CTO,, shared their strategy.

Kindly highlight the security features at your site, and also ensure secrecy of customers’ data?

 I can segregate security into two parts, namely ensuring that customer data in our database is intact and the latter to prevent cyber threats.

As a result, when a customer browses our site, his personal information is accessible to him and to a restricted number of employees in our organisation. And, to prevent cyber attacks, we have also installed an Akamai web solution and various other applications.

Have you ever suffered a cyber attack? If yes, kindly highlight how you dealt with the problem?

We have an excellent team for managing cyber-related threat, but in one instance, our homepage showed unwanted images and content, due to a virus.We were able to bounce back fast in under 10 minutes and were able to bring the site up.

How do you ensure a user-friendly experience at your website?

We constantly take feedback from browsers, including conducting surveys amongst our customer base. And, in these studies customers highlighted that while they receive emails on various promotional offers, but when completing a transaction online, they often do not remember these emails.  To deal with the above problem, our shopping carts and pop-ups remind customers of the various ‘offers’.  

Our user friendly experience has been boosted by Akamai’s web experience solution which has greatly reduced our site download rate from 6.5 seconds to 4.35 seconds; a 47% improvement in page load time. The web experience solution has reduced our site abandonment rates resulting in more transactions and satisfying customer experience.

 Kindly throw more light on your customer engagement strategy online?

We offer a range of premium fashion brands, and we conduct promotional offers on a daily basis for a limited period. In addition, we have also reduced the duration for downloading our website, and it has helped to improve the frequency of transactions online.

What is the average traffic on your site on working days, and the ‘conversion’ ratio?

 On a regular day we expect 2 to 2.5 Lakh and during special events and seasons this grows to 250 to 300% and conversion varies from 2 to 2.25%.

 Start-up e-retailers often do not know how to deal with cyber attacks. What are your recommendations for entrepreneurs in this segment?

E-retailers should not simply rely on third-party security solutions, and they need to have their own internal operational process to deal with cyber attacks.

Prashant Shivankutty