Streamlining is the way forward
Streamlining is the way forward

With the ever-changing eCommerce industry, eCommerce management companies need to keep pace with latest trends and demands. Manish Gupta, Co-founder, Unicommerce e-Solutions Pvt Ltd. talks to Retailer Media how its inventory management system helps consumers.   

How your brand resonates with the needs of modern consumer?

Our product, though being used by Sellers and Marketplaces, touches millions of end consumers. The modern consumer knows exactly what she wants and wants it right away. Our product speeds up the fulfillment of orders by streamlining and automating the entire process. This makes it possible for Sellers to bring the orders to end consumer in the shortest possible time. Also, our sophisticated inventory management helps them tremendously in spotting demand trends and to get the end consumer exactly what she is looking for.

 How has the consumer changed towards your industry/ product in the last few years?

Our product is used by Sellers as well as Marketplaces. In last few years, they have understood the power of using tried and tested product instead of trying to build their own customised solution. We have seen a definite trend towards abandoning any make shift in house technology or customised solution made by some IT service providers. The eCommerce industry is complex and ever changing. So, the cloud-based product which keeps on changing the features to adopt to the changing eCommerce conditions is the best way to go forward. And increasingly, more and more players have realised this. Our cloud based eCommerce fulfillment platform is used by almost every significant player in the industry.

 How is eCommerce as a market for licensing/CDIT/fashion products?

Surprisingly it’s good. Many had doubts if end consumer would be comfortable using eCommerce for ordering such products, but industry figures have clearly shown they are more than happy. Many of our customers are from this segment and they have grown tremendously over the years in eCommerce space. There are certain niche players in this segment and the fact that they have raised some investment from credible VCs shows that there is lot of untapped potential here.

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