We aim at expanding the Asia Pacific market in the coming few years: Karen Lou

In an exclusive interview with owner of Sunseeker, Karen Lou also Global Brand Manager sheds light on the business potential in swim wear category.
We aim at expanding the Asia Pacific market in the coming few years: Karen Lou
What makes Sunseeker Swimwear to foray Indian market?
We do see a rapid growth of swimwear market in India for last three years. People are more fitness enthusiastic these days. Indian consumers are getting more concerned not only on the functional performance of the swimwear, but also how it represents their life styles. Sunseeker Swimwear can provide the Indian consumers a fashionable choice in high quality beach and swimwear.
According to your estimate what would be the tentative share of organized market in swimwear category in India? 
I think the share of organized market in fashionable swimwear is not high. Although some brands have already taken part of the swimwear market, most of these brands are emphasizing more on functional performances. So there is still a large room for fashionable swimwear brands to grow in India.
What are the factors propelling growth in this segment and the future of swimwear retail in India? 
Growing interest in aquatic activities is one of the factors, the increasing accessibility to weekend getaways, beaches and oversea vacations is another factor that drives the growth of the segment. People are getting more and more used to publicly display their bodies at beaches and pools in India. Therefore I expect there is a considerable growth in the segment.
What kind of distribution is planned for Sunseeker Swimwear in online as well as offline category?
We will keep exploring the online market, by searching more suitable online distribution platforms. We distribute more products through offline shops and distributors at the moment, but we will keep looking for E-commerce opportunities, as online shopping is getting more important in people's daily life.
Kindly shed light on future plans for category expansion and/or exclusive stores. Also, kindly highlight your growth plans? 
We will keep observing our costumers' need on swimwear, and expand our swimwear category accordingly. We aim at expanding the Asia Pacific market in the coming few years, as there is still a large room to expand in the region.
What are the major retailing challenges for this category and the competition within the same domain?
The major retailing challenge is how can we differentiate our brand with other swimwear brands. The fast fashion brands are also foreseeing a rapid growth of fashionable swimwear market. So they started to release swim and beach wear too. But I believe with our persistence on quality and design details, consumers will stay royal with our brand. Swimwear is still a functional item after all. 
Do you also retail licensed merchandise or plan to? Kindly also mention your best selling price points and retailed categories.
Yes, we do retail licensed merchandise for many years. We have collaborations with buyers from Europe, US, Singapore etc. The best selling price is USD 100 per set. One piece is the best item.  
What kind of marketing initiatives you have taken to increase the brand penetration?  
We are now working with different agencies all over the world to explore opportunities in different regions. We are also planning to do more online campaigns, so that more consumers all over the world can know our brand.
Karen Lou