We aim to focus SIS & LFRs instead of exclusive stores: Narinder Singh Dhingra

In an exclusive conversation with Narinder Singh Dhingra, Chairman and Managing Director at Numero Uno sheds light on the expansion strategy of the brand.
“We aim to focus SIS & LFRs instead of exclusive stores”:  Narinder Singh Dhingra

Numero Uno is an iconic brand operating in Indian market for a while now. How do you see denim market evolved in Indian market? it would be great if you can highlight few numbers?

Numero Uno was launched at a time when there were not many denim brands. Infact till 1987 there was only one fabric (303) that was launched by Arvind Mills. This 1 fabric was getting supplied to all brands to manufacture denims. It’s only few years later that more options of fabric came into existence. We have come a long way, from depending on one fabric to produce denims to today when India has become one of the top exporters of Denim fabric. Today at Numero Uno with help of technology we are able to spoil our customers with different fabric, washes & styles in denims.

Kindly shed light on your current distribution. Going forward what would the strategies to scale up the distribution in the online as well as offline space?

We work through regional/state wise distributors/wholesalers who buy from us directly and then supply to various MBO’s. Going forward, we plan to scale up through forming the right partnership with online spaces. We also look forward to moving towards SIS model where a NU (Numero Uno) outlet is curated with our staff and complete branding.

How the consumer behavior has changed in your retail category?

Consumer has become more and more aware of fashion and trends. They are spoilt for choices in pricing as well. With online discounts available throughout the year consumer is always looking for the best deal. It’s a win win situation for consumers as they don’t wait for discounts, seasons or occasions. Shopping has become a need based activity where a consumer buys anything they like depending price, style and availability. Numero Uno’s customer is always looking to buy fashion at a great price and since we as a brand have evolved from a denim focused company to offering other categories a customer gets more option to choose from. 

Have you ever introduced brand licensing in any of your product range or plan to? Shed light on your best selling product lines along with price points?

We have done brand licensing for our shoes & accessories business. For us our denims are the bestselling category that range to 1799 to 3499. These are complimented with top wear collection comprising of shirts ranging between 1599 – 2599, T-shirts also form our great selling product line ranging from 699 to 1899 in summers. And wide range of winterwear comprising of sweatshirts (1599-2799), sweaters (1499-2999) and jackets (2599- 6999).

Who do you see as your biggest competition within the same same?

For us, we consider the price is the biggest competition combined with product and timely delivery. When we have these 3 aligned then we really don’t worry about competition. However with organized & un-organized market we do face certain challenges.

What kind of operational challenges do you see in your category?

Finding the right balance of price, product and delivery becomes the biggest operational challenge for us. Sourcing products from the right partner combined with researching & developing of the product is one of the key points for us to focus regularly. To tackle the current scenario we are also focusing on developing omni-channel to ensure offline & online transition is easy.

 At last, kindly highlight your growth plans?

Opening new stores in the regions we are not present hold a great importance to us, regions like South India particularly. We also plan to focus on Shop in shops SIS & Large Format stores.


Narinder Singh Dhingra