"We aim to foray international market with upcoming e-commerce site"
How you assess the current readymade shirt market in India? Kindly also comment on growing market share of men’s formal category?
The current trend of the readymade shirt market is slowly declining as a more convenient and less expensive option is now available with a custom made shirt. With people growing more conscious of how they dress the market for formal shirts has also seen a rise and subsequently this has led the custom made shirt makers to also witness a greater influx of customers.
Custom made shirts have a three step process with the client browsing through fabric swatches which provides a perfect touch and feel of the fabric. The client is then given full information about the fabric from the mill it’s purchased from, thread count, fabric type and patterning which provides a complete transparency to the client. The second step is the measurement process which involves an in detail process, this helps us understand the client’s body preference and comfort, which also makes it more appealing to them as customers. 
What are the major challenges?
The major challenges faced by a custom made brand is to break the stereotype of buying a readymade shirt off the rack as people tend to find that as a time saver. Threads & Shirts plans to cross that hurdle by providing a home/office visit appointment so our travelling team consisting of a stylist and tailor would provide a complete made to measure experience to our clients. Custom made shirts also come across as luxurious products which could be expensive to purchase but the modern custom made shirt brands plan to provide you affordable luxury. 
What is the USP of Threads and Shirts? Apart from custom fit tailoring options what kind of services you are providing? How you stand out to others in same space.
a) Threads & Shirtstravelling stylist service is one of our TRP’s as it provides the client a made to measure experience at the comfort of their home or office
b)  Thequality of our shirts is imperative to our brand as we curate our fabrics only from the top 5 mills of India. 
c) We also provide a fine balance between fresh casual printed shirts and crisp office corporate shirts.  
d) The prints that we incorporate are unique, exuding a young and vibrant vibe.
Apart from your in-house label do you also retail other brands? Or have plans to implement the same in future?  
We have our store based in Opera House which serves as a brick and mortar aspect to our brand. We are also working with some exclusive stockist like MaalGaadi in Chennai and Style cracker as our online stockist partners.  
Which product/category churning out better margins for you? 
Our custom made shirts and accessories complement each other very well. 
How many orders you generate every day? And, how many SKUs you are retailing presently? 
Our SKU are between 300-500 for all our products and accessories included. 
What is your starting and exit price point? Also, highlight your average bill size? 
Our starting price point is from Rs. 1600 to 4000 and onwards. 
In how many cities/pin codes you are operational presently? 
We currently operate domestically and internationally 
At last, kindly highlight your growth plans. 
We plan to further expand our reach globally with the launch of our new website this February, the website is going to be more user friendly. Also we do have plans to launch a new store by the end of the year. 
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