We are already working with around 30 countries worldwide: Claudia Steinberger
We are already working with around 30 countries worldwide: Claudia Steinberger

Amidst the festive season, beauty conscious consumers have one more reason to rejoice as premium German skincare brand, Malu Wilz makes its debut in India. Malu Wilz, a €20-million German skincare brand from the €170-million ARTDECO Group, has partnered with Kaunis Marketing Services Pvt. Ltd. to build its presence in the Indian market. Kaunis will act as an anchor for the brand, by devising and implementing strategic plans that cover all spheres of their business and define the roadmap ahead for their development and growth.

In India, 59 face care units best suited to the Indian skin, have launched for three customer profiles – women who are 30 and above, men above 20 and girls above 16. These products will be launched in six exclusive, company owned and operated Malu Wilz stores. We talk to Claudia Steinberger, Managing Director, Malu Wilz Beaute, about the brand, its offerings and about its future plans, in further detail:

Tell us about Malu Wilz, its inception, history and USP.
Malu Wilz was founded in 1991 under the ARTDECO Group and our company is dedicated to skin care since over 30 years. With over 30 years of skin care expertise, our products are a combination of traditional methods and active ingredients, and this is our USP. When it comes to the product range, we have a very expansive range of products and we have solution for every skin problem. Starting with the ‘young care’ line targeted at teenagers from 14- 19 years of age, we offer products for skin problems of a middle aged woman to a much more mature consumer.

Malu Wilz is in the skin care industry for over 30 years with over 3,000 studios in Germany along with a distribution reach in 28 countries worldwide. Why did you choose India as its next destination for expansion?
India is a very promising country for us. It is a potential market for global brands and conditions are congenial. This has been very interesting for us always since years but we were also aware of the fact that it is very important to have the right partner who can look after the brand’s image and brand’s expansion plans. MaluWilz aims to make every woman feel more beautiful with its high-quality skin care and treatment products. With Kaunis as our partner, we are hoping to have a robust opening in the Indian market.

What are the different product categories Malu Wilz offers to its customers? Also tell us about the price range of the products.
While majority of the brand talk about ‘dermatologically tested’, our products are ‘dermatologically made’. In terms of product range, we offer a wide range of ‘Cleansing’ range; then we have ‘Basic’ line which includes multi vitamin gel, moisture plus lip balm, BB beauty cream, tender rose elixir, tender rose cream and natural beauty day cream SPF 10; next is our ‘Hydro’ line which takes care of dehydrated skin and these include Thalasso products and Hyaluronic Active+ for even drier skin; then we have a ‘Balance’ range helps regain a harmonious complexion; next in line is the ‘Sensitive and Hyper Sensitive’ line for sensitive skin types; then the brand also offers ‘Young Care’ line aimed at teenagers skin requirements. We have learnt that India is a very strong market for men’s skin care products as well and so we have, for now, a very small and compact range for men. Next is our ‘Regeneration’ line which is essential for maintenance of mature skin; then there is a ‘Brightening’ line which helps give an even complexion to those who have skin pigmentation problems. Then, there is ‘Energy’ line which helps in strengthening of skin. Lastly, what we are specialist for is our ‘Concentrates’ which are in the form of ampoules that are highly effective serums and are for one use. The price range of the products varies from Rs.1,700 to Rs.4,000.

Who are your target consumers?
All women who take care of themselves, who are interested in having a nice and healthy skin are our target consumers. The age group starts from 16 years for ‘Young Care’ and would go up to any and everybody who loves their skin and complexion.

Have you curated your collections in order to suit the Indian skin type and weather conditions of the country?
We are already working with around 30 countries worldwide. So, we know the needs from different countries. Even in Germany, we have different seasons from winter to summer. We understand the weather conditions in India and our 60 products are ready for this market.

Tell us about your partnership with Kaunis Marketing.
Kaunis is fully responsible for our India markets. Right now, we are training the whole staff starting from Bengaluru and then came to Delhi and Kaunis have a really motivated staff of beauty consultants and trainers and sales representatives. So, we are very convinced that the company will be the perfect representatives of Malu Wilz in India.

What sort of investments has gone into the overall project?
We assist our partners in every way in the beginning as launching a brand in a new market is not easy. In terms of investment, we are looking at 40- 50 percent of our revenue going back into establishing the brand. Because in the initial years, we need to establish the presence, train the staffs to talk to the consumers and consult them, so there’s involvement of big investment.

What are your marketing strategies for Indian market?
We are going to market and promote the brand through print and digital media. We will also go for sampling apart from PR.


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How Dockers is Bringing Californian Cool to Indian Fashionistas
How Dockers is Bringing Californian Cool to Indian Fashionistas

In a bold move set to redefine the landscape of Indian fashion, ace turtle, India's foremost technology-native retail company, has announced the arrival of the globally renowned lifestyle apparel brand, Dockers, to the Indian market. The much-anticipated launch comes with the unveiling of the first retail store in Delhi, marking a significant milestone in the brand's expansion journey.

Berry Singh, COO of ace turtle, highlighted the brand's journey, emphasizing their core mission to bridge the gap between online and offline retail experiences. Singh revealed, "We started about 10 years back, and the idea was to bring a technology product that could bridge the gap between online and offline." This innovative approach garnered success, propelling ace turtle to market leadership during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

A Blend of Comfort and Style

Dockers, renowned for its timeless khakis and relaxed Californian vibe, is set to revolutionize the Indian fashion scene. Singh remarked, "Dockers brings the whole Californian culture, which is about being very relaxed." The brand's offerings prioritize comfort without compromising on style, catering to the needs of today's discerning consumers.

Targeting the Millennial Market

Dockers's entry into India is strategically tailored to resonate with the preferences of the Indian consumer, particularly the millennial demographic. Singh explained, "We are looking at anywhere between 22 to 35 years. The millennial customer today is looking to trade up, is looking to elevate himself." By offering premium yet accessible products, Dockers aims to capture this burgeoning market segment.

Natalie MacLennan, CEO of Dockers, highlighted the brand's commitment to meeting evolving consumer trends. "The Indian market presents a tremendous opportunity for us to connect with a new generation of consumers," she stated. This emphasis on quality, comfort, and style aligns with the growing trend of premiumization observed across various consumer segments in India.

Investment in Excellence

Discussing investments in the brand, Singh emphasized three key areas: brand establishment, product innovation, and demand generation. He elaborated, "A lot of these products are very responsibly made, there's a lot of technology, there's a lot of innovation." This commitment to quality and innovation underscores Dockers' dedication to providing superior products to its consumers.

Seamless Integration and Expansion Plans

A key aspect of Dockers' entry into the Indian market is their seamless integration of omnichannel strategies. Singh elucidated, "Our model itself is very asset light model, as the consumer of today buys a brand, not a channel." This omnichannel approach ensures a seamless shopping experience, whether online or offline, reflecting the modern consumer's preferences and behaviors.

Singh outlined ambitious expansion plans for Dockers in the Indian market. "In the first year, we are opening about five stores across tier one and Metro Cities," he disclosed. This strategic expansion will be complemented by a robust online presence, with the Dockers website set to go live soon, offering convenient access to consumers nationwide.

Embracing the Future

As Dockers sets sail in the Indian market, the launch of its dedicated e-commerce website heralds a new era of convenience for Indian shoppers. With easy navigation, secure payment options, and seamless delivery, consumers across India can now access Dockers's full range of offerings at their fingertips.

With its blend of timeless style, superior comfort, and innovative approach to retail, Dockers's arrival in India marks a significant moment in the country's fashion landscape. As ace turtle spearheads the brand's expansion, Dockers is poised to become a household name, offering Indian consumers an unparalleled blend of Californian cool and Indian sensibilities. As Berry Singh aptly puts it, "If you give a great product to the Indian consumer, he's ready to pay premium, as long as he finds value in it." And with Dockers, value, comfort, and style converge, ushering in a new era of fashion-forward living in India.

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How Bombae's Revolutionary Solutions at Bombay Shaving Company Are Transforming Female Grooming
How Bombae's Revolutionary Solutions at Bombay Shaving Company Are Transforming Female Grooming

Bombae is a trailblazing brand that has redefined the landscape of female grooming. As an integral part of the esteemed Bombay Shaving Company, Bombae emerged from a collective desire to address the unmet needs of women in the grooming industry. Led by Siddha Jain, Chief Business Officer of Bombae, the brand's journey is a testament to resilience, ingenuity, and a steadfast commitment to revolutionize the way women approach hair removal.

From Adversity to Innovation

"It all started when a group of intentful women at Bombay Shaving Company couldn’t go to salons during COVID and decided to take the matter into their own hands," Siddha Jain recounts. "We are a grooming company, we need to make products for women," she asserts. And thus, Bombae was born out of a necessity to cater to the needs of women who were grappling with the limitations imposed by the pandemic.

The inception of Bombae marked the beginning of a transformative journey aimed at reimagining hair removal for all individuals who identify as women. "Through the love we received on our limited range, we knew there was only one direction to go," Jain reflects. "Our goal is very clear – to reimagine hair removal for all individuals who identify as women."

Identifying Gaps and Challenges

As Bombae embarked on its mission to revolutionize female grooming, the team identified key gaps and challenges prevalent in the market. "We were astounded by the painstaking efforts women go through for hair removal, and our personal experiences made us reflect on how we had normalized our daily struggles," Siddha shares.

The brand's commitment to addressing these challenges led to the development of innovative product offerings tailored to the unique needs of modern women. From facial hair to body hair, Bombae's portfolio encompasses a comprehensive range of solutions designed to deliver unparalleled efficacy and convenience.

"Our approach towards curating the portfolio is providing elevated DIY offerings that solve real consumer needs and have longevity in her eyes," Jain explains. "We keep a close ear to all emerging trends and test them against these criteria, while also do a forward-back exercise of creating game-changing solutions."

Innovating for the Modern Woman

One of the hallmarks of Bombae is its relentless pursuit of innovation. Siddha Jain elaborates on the brand's unique approach to product development, stating, "Our portfolio is curated to provide elevated DIY offerings that solve real consumer needs and have longevity in her eyes." From facial hair to body hair, Bombae offers a comprehensive range of products designed to cater to the diverse needs of modern women.

"Our biodegradable face razors made with 80 percent wheat straw are one of our bestsellers," Siddha Jain reveals, highlighting the brand's commitment to sustainability. By incorporating eco-conscious practices into product development and packaging, Bombae not only reduces its environmental footprint but also resonates with consumers who prioritize sustainability.

Penetrating the Market

With a focus on market expansion, Bombae strategically targets key regions, including the bustling metropolis of Bombay. Jain explains, "West is a focus market due to its increasing adoption of DIY razors and the rise in women’s disposable income." The brand's threefold strategy—educating consumers, building brand equity, and conveying product superiority—positions Bombae for success in a competitive landscape.

Harnessing Digital Technology

In the digital age, technology plays a pivotal role in shaping consumer engagement strategies. Siddha Jain emphasizes the importance of technology and social commerce in Bombae's growth trajectory. "It has helped us reach a larger consumer base through innovative media interventions," she states. From social media marketing to influencer collaborations, Bombae leverages digital platforms to connect with its audience and drive brand awareness.

At the heart of Bombae's ethos lies a commitment to challenging societal norms surrounding body hair removal and maintenance. Siddha Jain elucidates, "Our aesthetic is an extension of our identity, so we keep it 100 percent real." Through bold campaigns and honest messaging, Bombae aims to empower women to embrace their natural selves unabashedly.

The Future of Bombae

As Bombae continues to disrupt the grooming industry, Siddha Jain shares her vision for the brand's future. "Our ambition is simple: We aspire for Bombae to be synonymous with hair removal," she declares. With a focus on innovation, authenticity, and inclusivity, Bombae aims to carve out a unique space in the market, setting new standards for the industry.

In conclusion, Bombae's journey exemplifies the power of innovation, purpose-driven branding, and a steadfast commitment to empowering women. As the brand continues to grow and evolve, it serves as a beacon of inspiration for those who dare to challenge conventions and redefine the status quo.

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‘Year of Growth and Expansion for Nature’s Basket’
‘Year of Growth and Expansion for Nature’s Basket’

Nature's Basket, a leading multi-format retailer under the RP Sanjiv Goenka Group, has inaugurated its third Nature's Basket Artisan Pantry store, solidifying its position as a premium grocery destination in Mumbai. The premium grocery retailer has outlined ambitious plans to introduce 3-4 additional Nature’s Basket Artisan Pantry outlets and 5 new Nature's Basket stores across various cities. This expansion initiative underscores Nature's Basket's commitment to elevating the gourmet and luxury grocery shopping experience for its growing consumer base.

The RPSG Group acquired Nature's Basket from Godrej Industries for Rs 300 crore in 2019, and since then, the brand has flourished, boasting over 35 stores across several major metropolitan areas in India. Adding to its portfolio, Spencer's Retail introduced its inaugural luxury grocery outlet at Phoenix Palladium Mall in Worli, followed by another upscale establishment near Juhu Garden in Santacruz, both situated in Mumbai.

In an exclusive conversation with IndianRetailer.com, Shashwat Goenka, Chairman, Spencer's Retail and Nature's Basket, explained about the decision on choosing the location for the store, "We deliberated between two potential locations, with one being in Worli and the other catering to consumers in and around Bandra-BKC. Additionally, our chosen venue hosts a diverse array of brands that draw in a steady stream of shoppers. Moreover, the proximity to Michelin Star hotels on the upper floors ensures our target consumers frequent the area."

Offering insights into the Artisan Pantry experience, Goenka elaborated, "From the live cooking gourmet studio, The Chef's Table, to The Good Food Cafe and the Boulangerie bakery, our store features over 10,000 distinct products where culinary enthusiasts can witness the magic of gastronomy come to life."

"The core philosophy behind Nature's Basket is to provide premium gourmet groceries, while the artisan pantry concept takes luxury grocery shopping to new heights. We aim to curate diverse experiences inspired by global concepts, with formats such as our Swiss-inspired chocolate section and Middle Eastern-inspired honey selection. Our goal is to deliver a truly unique shopping encounter," Goenka added.

Appointed Chairman on May 23, 2023, Goenka reflected on the brand's journey, stating, "For Nature's Basket, 2023 was focused on refining our cost structure, experimenting with new formats, and ensuring operational efficiency. Looking ahead, 2024 will mark a year of expansion, with plans to open 5 regular Nature's Basket stores and 3-4 Artisan Pantry outlets in existing markets, alongside venturing into new cities."

"Anticipating a positive response from consumers, Nature's Basket holds a firm position as a trusted brand synonymous with premium quality and luxury. With Artisan Pantry, we aim to redefine grocery shopping by offering immersive and opulent formats," he emphasized.

Featuring an extensive wine cellar housing both domestic and international labels, along with artisanal cheeses sourced globally, Nature's Basket promises to captivate connoisseurs and newcomers alike. Additionally, the farmer's market section showcases the freshness of local and global produce, fostering a direct connection between customers and their food sources.

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