"We are registering constant growth of 30%": Major Manjit Rajain, Chairman, Tenon Group of Companies
Please share your background. Your education and whether entrepreneurship was something you always wanted to do?
Coming from the family that has been a part of the erstwhile Indian Army from both the paternal and maternal side, joining the Army was a natural choice. After serving the Army for 7 and half years, decided to join the Police Force in 1990 and was posted in Kashmir.  The appeal of entrepreneurship was always very strong as a desired option for lifelong career. After experimenting with various ideas of start- ups, decided to foray into the security domain by utilizing on the experience of being in the Army and the Police. Peregrine was incorporate in 1995 and since then there has been no looking back.
How was the idea of the company conceptualized? What is the need you are addressing in the market?
With the background of Army and the Police, setting up of a Security company was something that came naturally. During the time Peregrine was incorporated, security companies were mushrooming everywhere. Each offering a security guard akin to a chowkidar. Each of these security guards were unskilled and untrained. We decided to provide the guards with level of training and imparting skills necessary to do this job. We also introduced the concept of supervision on the job. We adhered to all statutory compliance that was not a norm at that time. Our target audience was also different, we were providing security to the corporate as there was a boom of IT & ITES companies. The process and delivery of services were concluded after a detailed discussion and interaction with the corporate, thereafter the services were aligned according to the needs of each client.
Is there a story behind the name that you have given to your business?
The name of Group Company “Tenon” & Parent company “Mortice” comes from the craftsmanship of woodwork. The Mortice and Tenon joint has been used for thousands of years by woodworkers around the world to join pieces of wood. In its basic form, it is both simple and strong. Tenon is cut to fit the Mortice hole exactly and the joint may be glued, pinned, or wedged to lock it in place. For us the word Tenon means “Services that Fit” any requirement perfectly and seamlessly. The Tenon brandmark while preserving its heritage is most dramatic in its configuration. The symbol of Tenon and Mortice are joined together in a permanent, bold alliance. It is unifying and inviolable.
The Brandmark reflects our brand characteristics—innovative, dynamic and results oriented—characteristics that we need to help us achieve our corporate mission.
What is your Business Model? Please share numbers of founders, Product/services offered and current Business size?
The company was incorporated by me in 1995 in India with flagship brand – Peregrine offering manned guarding services with a small team of 14 people. Today we have a cumulative strength of 55000+ workforce.
We are an integrated security and facilities management service provider.  The services offered by Tenon Group broadly comes under 3 categories –
Security Services, Facilities Management Services & Remote Services
Our 2 brands which offer security services are – Peregrine Guarding in India and Frontline Security in Singapore. Peregrine provides integrated security solutions in Physical Security, Electronic Security, Risk Assessment Consultancy, Executive Protection, Event Security and Remote Command Center. Peregrine has the ability to implement high quality services across the spectrum of strategic and tactical security services.
Frontline Security is a leading provider of security manpower services, close protection officers, security systems and technology solutions, providing services serving to customers across 73 sites in Singapore. It provides security management, consultancy services and training, as well as supplying a wide range of security and surveillance products including CCTV systems, GPS tracking systems, metal detectors, biometric time and attendance systems, and under vehicle surveillance systems. 
Our Facilities Management services are delivered through Tenon Facilities Management in India and O&G in UK.
The full range of facilities management services include soft services like cleaning to high-end specialist services like workplace management and unique services like Critical Systems Engineering Building Operations, Support Service. Tenon has been providing facilities management services for a wide range of public and private sector businesses. The clients include some of the world’s most respected blue chip and home-grown companies. The hard services such as predictive mechanical and electrical maintenance services, HVAC management and AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) services is delivered through a wholly owned subsidiary – Rotopower Projects.
O&G is a FM Company having a niche segment in the UK market dealing with commercial and office facility management encompassing soft and hard services. It has a leadership position in servicing Universities and Ministry of Defense besides multi tenanted office accommodation and blue chip commercial clients.
Our Remote Services is offered through our state of the art Soteria Command Center. The Soteria Command Center is a business tool that predicts, manages, analysis and communicates the environmental deviations for certain events .These events can be controlled, monitored and avoided in a defined and a managed environment. It provides a unique real time remote monitoring which utilizes predictive event analytics and proactive response management that facilitate in alleviating business risks.  The service not only assist clients in preempting any critical or non critical challenging security related incidents but also provides them with vital information on any impending situation. 
Who is your target consumer? Could you please share how you have detailed your consumer?
We provide services in the following segments/ industries
Financial Services (specifically Banking)
Retail, including prestigious malls of international repute
Hospitals & Healthcare
Export Oriented Units
Industrial / Manufacturing
Educational Institutions
Multiplexes and Cineplexes
Residential Townships, especially luxury housing developments
Have you raised any funding so far. What are your plans to use this funding for?
Yes we have raised funds which were used for acquisitions. 
What was it that attracted the Investors to your business  Have you had to pivot your business in anyway that has worked for you?
Our unique growth story along with our constant growth rate of 30% CAGR, our strong management team along with diverse and stable operations is what attracted the investors to us and we did not have the need to pivot our business.
What is your team size? What is your office culture like? 
We have a DIVERSE AND INCLUSIVE talent pool of employees from more than 67 countries speaking more than 65 languages. Today we have strong force of 55000+ workforce engaged with the Tenon Group. 
Our office culture is empowering and challenging. Each member of the Tenon family works in a collaborative manner with a growth mindset at the organization as well as individual level.
What has been your A-ha Moment in the business?(The high point)
Two significant A – ha moment comes to mind. When we listed our company at the London Stock Exchange though Alternate Investment Market (AIM) in 2008. The ringing of the gong was definitely a moment that will be cherished. 
What has been your biggest challenge so far in scaling -up? How are you addressing it 
Some of the challenges that we have faced are:
Margin pressure due to people under cutting
Lack of skilled manpower and proper facilities for training and certification. 
Highly unorganized sector
Despite the skilled requirement of the job, a security guard is still classified as semi- skilled or unskilled
We intend to overcome this by educating the clients.
How do you see growth scenario is this business? What is your future scale-up plans?
The growth scenario in this business is phenomenal. We intend to grow both organically and inorganically. We will continue to expand in the domain of security and facilities management through acquisitions. 


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