We have a large national and international retail presence: Ishaan Jain
We have a large national and international retail presence: Ishaan Jain

With time, the demand for organic cosmetics in India has grown drastically. According to a report ‘Indian Skin Care Market Outlook 2020’ by RNCOS, “The organic skin care market is poised to grow at a CAGR of nearly 20 percent for the forecast period of 2016-2020.” One such brand tapping this growing opportunity is Biotique, which offers dermatologically tested products made from medicinal herbs. Biotique is synonymous with serious skin and hair care developed from ancient ayurveda. We talk to Ishaan Jain, Director, Biotique, about the current status of the overall beauty and personal care industry, growing demand of organic skincare products and also about the brand’s expansion plans to overseas market.

Tell us about the brand, its inception and journey so far.
Biotiqiue has been at the forefront of the beauty and wellness sector for 25 years. The brand was one of the first in the country to promote organic products that encompass 100 percent natural ingredients. From then, there has been an upward graph for us as more and more consumers are becoming aware of the benefits of ayurvedic products and the demand for products that encompass natural substances is also growing. Biotique is based on 5000-year-old ayurvedic recipes known to integrate and celebrate body, mind and spirit. This is the heritage and harmony of all Biotique products, blending proven ayurvedic therapies with the science of 21st century bio-technology.

What was the concept behind the launch of a brand like Biotique? What is its USP?
Biotique has been positioned as a market leader in the wellness sector with the USP of the brand being ayurvedic products that are made from 100 percent naturally sourced ingredients. All our products are organically pure and preservative free, dermatologically tested for safety with no animal testing involved and have therapeutic properties. Biotique promotes a green lifestyle and is the only player in the Indian skincare market to have its own packing unit, enabling it to have organic and biodegradable packaging. The entire waste, which is organic, is treated before it goes back to the soil. It acts as manure and blends with the soil, making it completely biodegradable and organic.

Tell us about your retail presence. Also, do the brand retail through online portals as well?
Biotique has a huge retail presence both online and offline. We have an e-commerce website and the brand also retails through a variety of popular online platforms like Nykaa, Amazon and Flipkart, to name a few. In terms of stores, as of now, we have 1,000 stores in India. We retail from over 1,50,000 multi-brand outlets pan India.

Introduce us with your latest collections or innovations.
Biotique has a dedicated team of R&D specialists in India and Switzerland working together to bring the most efficacious products to our loyal users. In 2018, we expect to venture into many new categories within personal care, beauty and wellness.

How would you describe the current status of beauty and personal care industry?
Over the last decade, there has been a tremendous boom in the beauty and wellness industry. With constant growth in technology, social media outreach and digitalization of the economy, we have noticed an increase in consumer awareness on skincare and organic long term solutions. Consumers are now aware of the latest developments and discoveries in the beauty sector. The beauty and wellness industry has seen a revolution in the last few years. Ayurvedic and organic products have become the talk of the town as people are becoming more receptive towards organic ingredients and the benefits they provide.

Biotique has been at the forefront of this growth in the ayurveda personal care segment and has been present in the market for the last 25 years. At Biotique, we formulate our products from organically grown pure plant extracts and blend ancient ayurveda and Swiss R&D technology. We strongly believe that the best products are created with natural and organic ingredients. All our products promote an ayurvedic lifestyle and are eco-friendly.

With time, teens too have moved towards using beauty and personal care products. Do Biotique also have a range especially for teens?
Teenagers today are extremely aware of the benefits of personal care products; this is due to a vast exposure to social media. Teens are conscious of their skin and hair and resort to using a number of products. We have a steady consumer base that are teenage girls and have seen an extremely positive response with the youth since our products are ayurvedic and chemical free. Teenagers see the long-term benefits of using natural products.

As the consumers are becoming more aware about the natural ingredients, etc. how has the demand for herbal or ayurvedic or organic products increased? How is industry coping with this new demand and awareness?
An increase in social media engagement both nationally and internationally has aided consumers to understand the benefits of organic and ayurvedic products. These products are beneficial in the long run to sustain a balanced lifestyle. The beauty industry is growing at a fast rate and most brands are in the process of creating awareness about the benefits of using organic and environment friendly products. Beauty brands are conscious of their manufacturing processes and also the source from where they procure the ingredients used in the products. The aim is to achieve responsible and balanced growth and bringing the highest quality possible for the customers.

How has the per capita consumption grown? What are the reasons for this change?
Consumers today are sensitized towards the fact that they should not absorb chemicals in their skin and hair and are looking for potent yet healthy and organic products. The healing properties, natural and safe antioxidants and rich vitamins present in these ingredients have long term benefits and these are the reasons for this change in the growth. This has aided us to expand in a large way – both nationally and internationally. Our products cater to the conscious consumers across the globe now.

What are your plans for expansion in terms of retail presence and also product assortment?
Biotique has a large retail presence nationally and internationally as well. We are aiming to expand our international presence over the next few years. We have a strong consumer base in the Middle East and aim to take over other regions as well. Biotique is expanding its presence in international markets with the key focus being the USA, UK, Europe and South Korea. Our products are selling in key retail outlets and at the same time have presence through e-commerce as well. This is a multi-fold approach for every market in different stages of implementation. 

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