We have mostly been content driven and not offer driven- Jiten Mahendra

In conversation with Indian Retailer, Jiten Mahendra, Vice-President (Marketing), Max Fashion speaks about his brands initiatives of going online.
Jiten Mahendra, Vice-President (Marketing), Max Fashion

In the last decade, Max Fashion has seen a rapid growth of 34% YoY and is planning to launch at least 60 stores by the end of next financial year. While its brick and mortar growth has been huge, the retail company has now forayed into online expansion. With some customer-friendly initiatives in its kitty, the online shopping experience will only enhance customer base, says Max Fashion Vice-President (Marketing) Jiten Mahendra, in a conversation with Indian Retailer.

What is your online marketing strategy?
Max Fashion is now an omni-channel player and the focus is on increasing loyalty base. While most of the brands offer loyalty deals to existing customers, we will start with loyalty programs to increase customer base. Around 10 million customers are a part of our loyalty deals, who contribute 65 per cent of our business. Also, we will enter with an app and offer curated programs, which will have unique designs and offers.

How important is the online content for Max Fashion?
Max Fashion has been in the business for 11 years and we are targeting over Rs 5,000 crore business. We have never played the offer game and we have mostly been content driven and not offer driven. Content is the key drive force for customers. Online content cannot be given for offline consumption and vice-versa. 

What are the new campaigns in the pipeline?
We have already launched the ‘Max the Look campaign’, which offers an endless look. We have released a new video the unskippable fast, which are under 15 second videos and they play a key role in brand promotions. Our videos are not monologue and engagement-focussed.

How is the shopping experience going to be different on Max Fashion?
We are working on ROPO model- research online, purchase offline. Through this model, we want to understand and influence customer buying. Also, most of the content online will have elite models displaying apparel and customers, who are mainly between 18 and 24 years of age, can look and buy from curated looks.  

Jiten Mahendra