We manage over 75 million transactions every year :Rijish Raghavan

In an exclusive conversation with Rijish Raghavan, Vice President & Head - Partner Management, PAYBACK throws light on new emerging tool of Coalition loyalty.
We manage over 75 million transactions every year :Rijish Raghavan

These days almost every retail brand (be online or offline) has some sort of loyalty program of its own? So, how does PAYBACK add value to such existing loyalty program for consumers as well as brands?

Coalition loyalty is being looked at as a game-changer for service brands in India. It offers a diverse portfolio of partner brands in a single network both in-store and online, with options to earn and spend points, and avail rewards with a single entry point. This serves a great edge over other traditional loyalty schemes. The power of PAYBACK, the only multi-brand loyalty program in India, stems from pooling loyalty benefits from many attractive partners along with the competitive advantage through its differentiated offering: Using one single card, members earn loyalty points when they shop at a wide range of different merchants and brands - offline and online. The accumulated points can be spent across its partner brands as well as an extensive rewards catalogue. The product and services categories covered in the program account for nearly 70% of a member’s daily shopping requirements.

It offers the consumers a truly unique shopping experience and drives customer retention through on-going engagement. Customers, today have 24X7 access to the brands they love through social media and mobile devices. So, aloyalty program like PAYBACK which is aligned with social media and mobile commerce can increasingly impact the brand experience and the stickiness of the consumer.

Presently, how many brands you have on your platform?

PAYBACK is multi-brand loyalty program with more than 50 online and offline and affiliate brand partners across a diverse kitty of categories. Brands range from fuel leader HPCL; to banking partners ICICI Bank& American Express; daily needs partner Big Bazaar’ travel portals; Makemytripand Tripadvisor; apparel brands, Central, FBB, Brand Factory, Rare Rabbit; entertainment portal, Bookmyshow; online portals, eBay, Voylla, Naaptol, electronics and home décor brands,eZone& Hometown & affiliate partners like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Jabong, Myntra just to name a few. The network is growing at an extremely fast pace.

Which brands get maximum hit via PAYBACK platform?

We work closely with each of our brand partners to drive the both customer acquisition and retention and on-going engagement leading to long term loyalty. The nature, scale and scope of each partnership is different and cannot be compared. Our mission is to drive the best value for every partner and customer on our network and the growing strength of our network and customer base is an indication of value of PAYBACK.

As per PAYBACK data, for which category and product PAYBACKplatform is maximum used in terms of purchasing?

For PACKBACK apparel and fashion is the biggest segment, followed by grocery. This segment sees high value in loyalty programs as it ensures customer stickiness. Further advanced analytics help determine customer behaviour and retailers are able to customise programs for each of their customer segments and also engage inactive customers.

Averagely, how many purchases are made via PAYBACK platform on daily basis? Also, highlight how many users are registered with your platform?

We manage over75 million transactions every year and last yearPAYBACK Card was swiped/ Mobile Number quoted at an average of over 0.2 million times every day at partner POS and website. Currently we have over 60 million members on the PAYBACK Network and growing.

Do you also offer any sort of post-sale services?

We are a loyalty company and we work with our partners for the entire lifecycle management of each customer enrolled in the program.

What is your criteria to choose brands to be part of PAYBACK driven loyalty program?

The decision to on-board any brand is a mutual decision. Barring few categories where we have exclusive partnerships with key category leaders, the brands need to see value in our program and we evaluate the brand’s vision and business model to see how effectively we can continue to their growth story.

Cashback vs steep discount of every purchase, what you see works better with consumers?

We are neither in the business of discounts nor cash-backs. In all our years of working with multiple brands in India, it has come to fore that consumers though maybe temporarily swayed by instant discounts is may drive new acquisitions at first however there is no denying that long term engagement and stickiness that brands build over the years is what drives back repeat transactions and is the key for any successful brand.

Presently, how much commission you are earning (% wise) on every purchase made via your platform?

We have long term contracts with all our merchant partners with a mix of service and license fees to manage the loyalty program and for direct marketing services. Consumers benefit from discounts on purchases through points and coupons and from personalized special offers.

Who do you see as your competition? Also, highlight your growth plans?

We are currently one of the industry leaders in the coalition loyalty space in India. With over 50 in-stores and online partner brands, PAYBACK has been the only successful brand in India to build a diverse partner portfolio and over 60 million members already associated with the platform. We continue to benchmark ourselves against our own potential and targets. We need to invest in our capabilities to ensure we keep pace with the changing demographic, technology and evolving needs of our customer base.

We are seeing a healthy rise in the loyalty transactions over the past few years in India. More real-time and personalized experiences delivered to the customers have been the actual reasons behind this upsurge. Understanding this scenario, we aim to:

·         Continue to acquire new partnerships,

·         Focus on adding value to our existing network of offline and online partners

·         Continue to innovate and offer a rewarding experience to our members

·         Educate shoppers today on the advantages of loyalty points and how best to utilize them


The idea is to grow our network through our initiatives as driving loyalty, engagement and customer experience is the future of customer acquisition and retention.

Rijish Raghavan